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WPLG Changes Morning Anchors Around


It appears WPLG have re-shuffled their morning anchors again. Our tipster ninjas noticed that Baron James is suddenly out on the street doing reports while in his place is newcomer Jason Martinez who recently moved his whole family from California. The station is making the transition official with new promos already airing that feature both Martinez and Kristy Krueger.

Baron James joined WPLG in June 2010 from KDFW in Dallas, Texas


    • There was no chemistry between Baron and Kristy…..Used to be the only morning news i watched until he showed up…Just doesn’t fit the Local 10 team…..Jason has personality and they really click together…great move for PLG.

      • I agree with Steve! I got used to watching Baron in the morning, but there was definitely no chemistry between him and Kristy. I believe Jason is a better choice and would ultimately pair him with Jacey Birch. That would be a great team. Congratulations to Jason. Baron, I hope you enjoy your new duties are I feel you still can play a great part in the WPLG news team.

  1. I never watch the early news, but watch the noon news and JC and Baron seemed to click there. I do think Baron would be better with Laurie Jennings. I feel he’s a stronger anchor then what they have now.

  2. Not getting the full story….did Baron want to hit the streets so to speak? I remember Gwen Belton of WFOR did not like being behind the desk and wanted to go full force with general assignment reporting. And while I’m typing, is there a particular reason SFLTV is so slow with the latest in the local industry? I remember at one point in time…I read this site as often as I read the Miami Herald….Baron has been missing from behind the desk for awhile….and is anybody noticing how boring the anchors are at WFOR? WOW!

    • Baron came across as a parody of a black news anchor….hair dyed waaaay to black…make up waaaay to light….suits waaaay to tight….and ties waaaay to skinny….I guess I said all of that to say this….all of these observations were obvious in the genesis of his on air appearance…who or why would the folks at WPLG think he would blend….what target audience were they going after, superficial and the self inflated genre? What audience did they think was going to connect to him? Oh yeah, he has the Richard Lemus disease…..he is plump…..or is that muscle hiding behind fat?

  3. Mallard said…..Baron came across as a parody of a black news anchor….hair dyed waaaay to black…make up waaaay to light….suits waaaay to tight….and ties waaaay to skinny… You mean like Dwight Lauderdale????????????

  4. Shut up you all……..I think it is just a strategic move by Local 10 and I think a good one.This move was done more to replace that Smith guy who went back to California.FYI..Baron is now co-anchoring with sexy Jen Herrera on the weekends and I like he change.I enjoy seeing Baron weekdays doing his reports and anchoring on the weekends.
    I watched Sunday night’s news and I don’t think he ‘s too happy though; PICK IT UP BARON>>I”M A BIG FAN.

  5. Bad Move Channel 10. I have switched from you in the mornings. I loved Baron’s voice in the morning and looked forward to seeing his ties in the mornings. Lost viewer on weekdays

  6. Take lessons from anchors like Dwight Lauderdale, Ann Bishop, Diann Magnum, Don Noe, Vicki Frazier, Frank Forte… I could go on. I think that my speculators speak “VOLUMES”… Thank you very much!!**

  7. Que lastima que sacaron a Jason del medio dia el canal 10 nunca aprende a mantener Buenos periodistas antes fue Diane Magnun ahora Jason basta de favoritism gerentes del canal 10


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