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Kelly Craig, Brian Andrews Back for Hurricane Isaac Coverage

Brian Andrews Photo: facebook.com/briancandrews

WPLG and WTVJ brought in some familiar faces to help with Hurricane Isaac coverage. Brian Andrews reported for WPLG yesterday (today too?), first time for him on South Florida airwaves since he left WFOR in 2007

Former WTVJ anchor Kelly Craig is back as well with hourly Isaac updates from the NBC 6 studios in Miramar.

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  1. It was great to see Kelly and Brian back on our airwaves. Sure wish it was a permanent assignment for both of them. We can use some Kelly and Brian time here in SoFLa. Note to WTVJ and WPLG big shots: please bring them back!

  2. I enjoyed seeing people with real experience and real backgrounds who know this area doing their jobs. Instead of folks just in off the bus without a clue doing formula work and showing how little they really know about this area during a time of need.

    Great seeing both Brian and Kelly again!

  3. I hope WTVJ will consider rehiring Kelly Craig full-time. She’s really what WTVJ truly needs.

    I could picture Kelly anchoring weekend evening news (since Amara Sohn departed WTVJ back in July)… or maybe co-anchoring midday and 5PM news. It’s a thought.

  4. Andrews is a true journalist and a class act. He makes you believe in local news in a time when it’s fading. I will never forget his work on the Versace murder. I wonder if any station in Sofla has the money to tie him down..

  5. Great to see some quality reporting back on that station. With the questionable hireing and reassignments at 6 you have got to wonder if they have thrown in the towel when it comes to being competitive. Just seems like a revolving door over there. Never thought Joe Rose would seem like the stable personality but it is turning out that way.

  6. Other than NBC needing to rehire Kelly… their newscasts need an investigative unit for investigative/watchdog journalism… morning news starting at 4:30AM… NBC and Telemundo bringing back Sky 6 helicopter.


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