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Local 10 Reporter Christina Vasquez Hit in the Face While Covering a Story

Christina Vasquez Local 10 Reporter Hit in the Face

Local 10 reporter Christina Vasquez got hit in the face while out covering the story of that 10-year old boy who stole a relative’s car because he didn’t want to go to school.

Vasquez was at the boy’s home looking for someone to talk to, when she approached the front door of the home there was a woman who, on the way in, hit Vasquez in the face.
Vasquez handled the treatment with grace and stayed composed, even asking the woman if she would still like to talk.

Christina Vasquez says she hasn’t decided whether she would press charges, but that she would like to show the video of the incident to the police department hoping Miami-Dade County juvenile services would see it.


  1. I’m sure there is a precedent here. The station has to file assault & battery charges against this woman otherwise it will send a message that management does not stand behind their reporters just doing their job. If the word on the street spreads that you can get away with attacking reporters without consequences no reporter will be safe in violent neighborhoods. Lashing out in frustration without provocation is never justifiable. We wish Christina well and admire her persistance.


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