Rick Sanchez


We had the post-Oscars newsplex selfie the other day but now we have what’s probably the original newsplex selfie. And it’s a really retro one. Make yourself feel old retro. It’s from about 17 years ago, circa 1996 or 1997.

L to R: Kelley Mitchell, Brian Andrews, Jeff Peguez, Rick Sanchez, Shaun Robinson, Kelly Carrillo (WSVN assistant news director), Darcy Tannebaum (now WSVN senior executive producer). And the enthusiastic photo bomber in the back is someone by the name of Jesus.



1175_1387305977After a career in TV news spanning two decades Rick Sánchez is now firmly planted in radio. WIOD 610AM announced it is moving his current show which airs weekday afternoons at 3pm to weekday mornings from 10am to noon starting January 6 and moving Glen Beck to 6pm. Rick Sánchez still has a national contributor gig with MundoFOX though so he’s not totally out of TV news.

In his new time slot Sanchez will be “having a conversation with people about things that matter and things that are in the news that affect South Florida, which is fun” he told the Sun Sentinel’s Johnny Diaz.

Rick Sánchez returned to South Florida after his abrupt departure from CNN three years ago. In 2011, radio station 790AM hired Sánchez to replace Jorge Sedano as the FIU football announcer. And since last year he’s been with WIOD hosting a 3-hour weekday program from 3pm to 6pm.



Rick Sanchez is joining Murdoch’s newly created network aimed at Hispanics, MudoFOX. The New York Times reports Sanchez will be part of the network’s Noticias MundoFOX unit and contribute daily segments and host news specials several times a year. He will be based in Miami.

This will be his first TV news gig in two years. You may remember in October of 2010 CNN fired Rick Sanchez after he said in an XM radio interview that CNN and other major media outlets are run by Jews and left-wingers and called ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart bigoted.


Rick Sanchez, formerly of WSVN, MSNBC and CNN, is back in South Florida and on the air. Miami Herald reporter Adam Beasly says Sanchez will be announcing FIU football this season on the radio, replacing Jorge Sedano of 790FM who also works with WFOR.

And earlier this month The Miami New Times relayed a tweet from someone saying Rick Sanchez was spotted touring the Doral studios of MegaTV sparking a rumor he might be joining the network.

In 2009 Rick Sanchez brought his CNN show to the Graham Center at FIU.


Well that’s surprising, not. After Rick Sanchez’ rant on an XM Radio show yesterday in which he called ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart prejudiced and that CNN and other major media is run by jews and liberal left-wingers he was fired today by CNN.

The news network just released a statement saying, “Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.” Sanchez’ CNN show ‘Rick’s List’ has been replaced by ‘CNN Newsroom’ from 3-5 PM until they choose a replacement.