Roxanne Vargas


Some photos from the 2013 Suncoast Emmy awards, courtesy the Suncoast Chapter Flickr feed

WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric all smiles with his gold

WTVJ reporter Roxanne Vargas with husband:

WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric with WPLG weather producer Aliana Perez

L to R: WFOR CBS4 anchor/reporter Marybel Rodriguez

WSVN anchor Belkys Nerey took her fierce mom as a date to the Emmys:

WSVN anchors Mike Marza and Craig Stevens

L to R: WPLG reporter Ben Kenney, with we think Amanda Stanley and Matthew Fuhrman

L to R: WPTV investigative reporter Shannon Cake

All smiles with their gold – WPLG weather producer Aliana Perez with WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric

L to R: WPTV GM Steve Wasserman, WPTV news director Mike Garber, WPTV station manager Lloyd Bucher

WFOR investigative reporter Michelle Gillen, with former WFOR reporter Gio Benitez now reporting at ABC News

WPLG reporter Ben Kennedy

WFOR reporter David Sutta

Former WFOR reporter/anchor Jorge Estevez horsing around with his lady. He’s now at WFTV in Orlando.

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

WTVJ NBC 6 In The Mix Groupon DealHave $2,500 and want to be on TV? Now you can spend it to get local TV, and be a co-host on NBC 6 in the Mix with Roxanne Vargas.

Groupon, the once hot deal-of-the-day site, just launched a ‘Celebrity Epic Deal’ series in Miami where anyone can plunk down a chunk of their own money for the chance to hang out with a local celeb. One of the first deals for the Miami area lets you be a co-host of WTVJ’s ‘6 in the Mix’ for $2500. The deal includes guest-reporting a 3-minute segment set to air on the day of co-hosting the show. After that the person would join Roxy and the 6 in the Mix crew to do prep and “undergo styling sessions” before hitting the air. But hurry up, the offer expires August 12.

You can also opt for the other deal, $2500 to jump out of an airplane with former Miami housewife Karent Sierra


Video of WTVJ’s new program, ‘6 in the mix’ airing at 11:30am on weekdays. The former South Florida Today has been split and is now a half hour, followed by this new show hosted by Roxanne Vargas. Notice the new NBC6 logo and upcoming NBC Look F elements in the graphics

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Update: Just after checking around, SFLTV.com (yet again) broke the story. Gotta love the newspapers and big-dog sites being beat by this lil’ ol’ blog.
Lots of big news going on while I was on my little vacation… Figures! Let’s get straight to it: Julia Yarbough will be leaving NBC6 soon! SFLTV.com’s sources have been telling us for months that her departure would be coming soon, and about seven days ago, we were notified by an anonymous tipster telling us she announced her departure. According to our sources, Yarbough will be leaving the TV news industry for good, choosing to pursue a personal fitness career. We also were informed that a number of months ago, she started a new “dating-style website.” This may not come as a surprise to some. Her website has been in development for months, as well as the fact that she’s been seeking her personal training certification. We don’t have any word on her departure date; however, we are awaiting further confirmation.

But wait… there’s more juicy information! Guess who’s been seen on set testing out for Yarbough’s position with Jackie Nespral?

…Go ahead, guess. I’m willing to bet you wont guess correctly.

Photo Via: NBCMiami.com
Photo Via: NBCMiami.com

In 2007, WTVJ introduced the concept of a “on-air traffic reporter” to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market under split approval. Since then, the more conservative (and “old fashioned”) readers here on SFLTV have been adamant about their disapproval for this rather delayed method of receiving traffic updates. I’m not quite sure whither our readers dislike Roxanne Vargas and her reporting (or lack of) experience… or dislike the idea of Roxanne Vargas. Personally, I feel as if she does a fine job and improves as time goes on… None the less, is that traffic reporter you love to hate no longer a traffic reporter?

Independent sources have been reporting to SFLTV.com that Roxanne Vargas has no longer been doing traffic updates on “Today in South Florida.” In what could be temporary, she has been reassigned to reporting more “lifestyle” reports, including a segment about the “trending topics” on Twitter. In place of Roxanne, Karen Curtis (who was the main traffic reporter during the Lonnie Quinn era) has been rotating with Metro Traffic’s Kristen Kelly in delivering the morning updates.

Attempts to reach the station and select employees for comment did not receive a response. We’ll keep you posted.