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WFOR and WTVJ in trouble with the FAA


WFOR and WTVJ in trouble with the FAA
Miami Herald 11/7/01
Apparently local stations keep an eye not only on the news, but on each other too. Proof of that is a call made from “someone” at WPLG to the FAA notifying the agency that WFOR-CBS4 and WTVJ-NBC6 had their choppers flying during a police chase which went through Miami and ended all the way down to Plantation Key, just south of Key Largo.
As you probably know the FAA has imposed restrictions on news choppers flying close to certain metro areas. For South Florida, the no-fly zones are 20 mile nautical radius around Miami International Aiport and the second is near Turkey Point nuclear powerplant. The FAA will investigate and if WFOR and WTVJ are found to have violated the rules, severe penalties on both the pilots and the stations can be imposed.
WSVN and WPLG didnt cover the police chase, which at some points reached 100pmh, due the restrictions.

For more see the Miami Herald article: http://web.archive.org/web/20011207113449/http://www.miami.com/herald/content/news/local/florida/digdocs/108215.htm

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