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Sharon Reed Naked Photos


Sharon Reed got naked during the summer of 2004 along with thousands of Clevelanders, but it wasn’t untill November when the video aired during sweeps week on WOIO 19Action News. She posed for famous photographer Spenser Tunick. Ok so it’s not a video, because someone was asleep and didn’t tape it and you know who you are. But we’ll forgive him for now because he gave the next best thing. Photos. And some of you I’m sure are pretty eager to see them. So click the thumbnails and indulge

11/18 Update: Added 3 more photos, thanks to those who emailed them to me

19Action News
Sharon Reed’s Body Of Art Page

If you want more Celebs exposed, you can visit this site featured on ABC’s 20/20. It features Scott Peterson’s mistress Amber Frey, Paris Hilton’s sex tapes and news anchor Catherine Bosley’s wet t-shirt contest photos

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  1. TV Anchorwoman Sharon Reed Appears Nude On Newscast
    TV Anchorwoman Appears Nude On Newscast (AP)

    A television news anchor appeared nude on an 11 p.m. newscast in a first-person report about an artist’s photographs, drawing a record number of viewers for that time slot, the station said. Sharon Ree…

  2. Is It Sweeps?
    But of course… Cleveland anchor Sharon Reed is reporting on one of those mass nudity photographs in Cleveland on Action 19’s news this evening. The hook is that she stripped naked herself and got into the picture. Reed is infamous…

  3. Excellent work! Shame on you (whoever you are) for not getting the video 🙂 But this will do.

    Yes…those boobs are nice 😀

  4. The photo shoot in question was done back in August. They only held this “news” story for air until now so that they could get it in during sweeps.

  5. Sharon Reed Update (With Photos)
    A couple of days ago I posted on a sweeps stunt pulled by reporter for Action 19 news in Cleveland. You might remember that the enterprising young reporter stripped down to join a nude exhibition going on in that city….

  6. She need to come up to Alaska and see how really cold it is. I’ll bet she will think twice about getting naked again! But she fine as hell though!

  7. just a high-priced slut. has no journalistic talent so has to resort to the oldest trick in the book to get attentiion–show some tit. although that may turn many a head, it usually dosen’t change the direction of one’s step. besides a good journalist finds and reports the news, not makes it. gee who else did stuff like that, hmmmmm was it giraldo, yeah another real piece of work.

  8. Evening Reads
    Is the Korean Kook out? Interesting post from Digger. Well it has some pretty heavy generalities, but this is a good piece on the justification of war, and morality issues associated with war. More on Bloggers as “People of The…

  9. jim, you should get counselling; maybe a couple of you might join him. looks like about 15 women naked from the rear. what is the deal??

    get over it, it’s a birthday suit. You should get out more.

    cheers, Jan

  10. Sharon Reed should be the Patron Saint of all journalists and reporters…….As Mark Twain said, “That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse.”
    – “License of the Press” speech – MARK TWAIN

    And since the election we hear of a ‘new morality’ one imposed by the FCC Chairman Powell, One that would be opposed by a founding father Thomas Jefferson himself. It is a wonderful day indeed when the ‘moral majority’ does not impose it’s will on the 50 million (+) Kerry, Nader voters. Give em hell, Sharon!

  11. It’s a sad day for black women in television news. I have to believe that she now regrets this. What type of family was she raised in? So are we to assume she’s sleeping with her ND and what do her co-workers think of this. This is an all time low.

  12. Nah…not a sad day at all for black women in television news. She posed for a photograph. Even if it was done for ratings, the underlying fact still remains; The photo was going to happen with or without her anyway. She just decided to become part os the story. Damn, that was right on time too.

  13. I see nothing wrong with what Sharon did. The human body is nothing to be ashamed of. You only live once in this world so why not enjoy it. Reporters will do anything for a story and ratings. I bet people just wish that they would have thought of it first in Ohio. Good For You Sharon!!! Your Beautiful!!!!

  14. Ms.Reed is obviously a very beautiful, intelligent and
    creative woman and journalist. What she did was wonderful
    I hope that I can be part of Mr. Tunik’s artwork some day.
    Ms Reed’s participation not only added beauty but class and elegance as well .More people should enjoy nudism
    as a recreation. It is an incredible freedom and feeling of
    joy . Great work Ms Reed Hope to see you nude again
    in the near future.
    Play Nude

  15. In addition to showing her impressive body, Sharon Reed also showed that she has a very impressive long tongue when she stuck it out at a camera.

  16. All I know is that I’m sorry I left Cleveland!
    I knew ole girl was fine but OHHHHHH BOY!!!!!
    Is she fine! The best thing left in Cleveland! Keep up the good work!

  17. she is from west chester,PA and dont you forget tha y’all. She used to anchor at NBC10 in philly till she got into a cat fight via email with a on air corespondent..over a man so, I heard.

    Wish I was the man laying next to her every night!!!


  19. Men will always cheat- even the guy with Ms. America is tired of her. If every woman looked like Sharon Reed- the percentage that cheat now would go up even higher!

  20. I dont know if Miss Sharon Reed is originally from Ohio, but this is a conservative state,and we dont do those kind of things here.

  21. Reed is a numbskull. So is Natalie Solis, why is a rookie like her at the desk? Would someone please tell her to be prpepared before going on air. What an idiot! Did you see her this morning? Such a wreck, not knowing the Dolphins QB’s name. Sheesh! One very very bright spot of course, in a tight sweater nonetheless. Thank God for tight sweaters on Elita Loresca! Yum!!!

  22. Don, you have no idea. Fortunately she’s not too bright to figure out who I am as I post here (neither are most here) but I must refrain from divulging revealing details. They all actually read and post on here, nearly all local media I know. Anyway don’t get me wrong Elita is a sweet doll and has a great set of knockers (allbeit fake as hell) but for my taste a bit short, shallow and pudgy, nice girl though. My adoration and desire is Natalie Solis. From top to bottom near perfect in everyway and every sense. Anonymous and the truth seem to be a couple of haters. And besides, SEX sells, so enjoy what you can. Ciao!

  23. I know it’s not the same thing as being on TV, but there is a Cleveland news-anchor woman that I have seen totally nude probably a hundred times by now.

    I don’t think I should say her name, but she is one of the most well known TV news-anchor women in Cleveland.

    Anyway, she goes to the same gym that I do and she sure does not have any problem strutting around the women’s locker room totally nude every time she’s there!

    She even does her makeup and hair standing completely naked at the mirror.

    Anyway, it’s not Sharon Reed, and she is actually more beautiful than Sharon Reed.

  24. jessica,

    you are a hater! who cares about the other naked news anchor? this link isn’t about her is it? it’s about sharon reed!

  25. What a beautiful Woman, Of course I’ll be focusing on her more than the story I would like to see the front of her too

  26. This article sucks so much fucken suck, it FUCKS! It fucken sucks so much COCK sucker mother fucker BULL FUCK THAT!!!!…….What an ASSload of FUCK!

    But the thing that really mother fucken ass lick balls ass shit fuck ass balls BALLS PISSED me off was when she took off her clothes! What right do you have to damage the image of women!? What, you make women look like whores now!??????

    But fuck off balls shit got hell damn balls boobs fuck me BITCH!!!….But just to show you how inhumanely atrocious this shit load of FUCK is, you ass heads probably all enjoy this crap!…..

    And to all you two faced FUCKS, never accept this nonsense as acceptable! This is outrageous and up surd. With this type on nonsense, could you really expect a woman of her caliber to run the country of the United States???? No offense to Hillary Clinton, but women need to clean up their “whore” image.

    I rest my case…..

  27. All I have to say is, Ms. Reed must be doing something right — having browsed at some pics, I’ve noticed that she looks even better today than she did back in the days!


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