1. Damn Laurie is good.

    As far as the chase goes, I watched the entire thing on WSVN.com, the coverage was great. Belkeys craked me up a couple times when the guy was flipin off the camera on 7 Sky Force. Ralph is damn good, cant believe from the chopper they could zoom in so close on the guys face.

  2. I thought the best coverage was on Channe; 4. They did an awsome package on it for 11pm with Brian Andrews. It was highly produced and looked like a sweeps piece. I also caught some of 7’s coverage. Didnt think it was as polished.

  3. I didnt see the 10pm coverage on 7, just the live coverage on the 5 & 5:30 shows. I think considering it was live they did great. And Dave Kartunen was the 1st ground reporter on the scene within minutes of the chase coming to an end.

  4. Forgot to say, I havent seen CBS4’s coverage yet, i will be going and lookin at the vid on their site here soon.

  5. I catched the very end of the promo when i was flipping channels. Pretty neat stuff what some stations are doing to their news products.


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