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Al Jazeera English Launch


Al Jazeera English launched yesterday

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  1. Im all for it esp with thier middle east reporting. maybe we’ll get the real story without this gov’t censor prop shit.

  2. i wish an american company well pick up this channel 🙁 unfortually i recently read that Al Jazeera English has abandon its bid for US distributors. Sad..Now this is a news orgazation that i would love to work for

  3. See the problem Americans have with international news channels is that they are too graphic. I disagree. They present the real story that CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS miss or intentionally not cover. BBC World is trying to get into the US market, having been distributed in Canada and Mexico. It’s sad that BBC World can only be carried in NYC, CNN International being dropped by cable providers (including Time Warner) when CNNfn went off the air, and Al-Jazeera English (even though DISH NETWORK carries Al-Jazeera, which is among their most popular international channels). I thought the graphics and set was nice, but it looked like a copy of SKY NEWS. The only reason Vivendi did not sell Newsworld International to NBC was because NBC did not want it because they have MSNBC and knew people would not want to see it anymore. I would love to have more news channels, especially the international news channels because it will give the domestic news channels a run for their money.


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