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Happy New Year


Time flies fast.

What did everyone thing of New Year’s coverage? We watched CNN and I thought it was ok. Some weird jokes, weird people planning to have parties in their cars. FOX, although I like Regis Philbin, the audio was aweful.

What’s your take? Who dropped the ball on the ball drop? 🙂

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  1. I think ABC sucked this year. They didn’t even have the countodwn clock in the lower-right corner until there were like 6 minutes left. Is it just me, or did the New Year’s programs start really late this year? ABC started their show like at 11:30, after the local10 newscast. If I recall, didn’t it usually start much earlier?

  2. First of all, I would like to say that watching the ball drop on WPBF-25 was a little heartbreaking. This is the first time America saw Dick Clark ring in a new year since his stroke in 2004. We all heard his voice and many of us were saddened by how it has changed somewhat. I think this might the last year Dick Clark rings in. At least, he had a co-host Ryan Seacrest. Anyway, on Fox 29, Regis helped ring in ’06. Have you ever heard Jillian Barberie’s voice? Doesn’t it always sound so hoarse? Watching her in Times Square last night made me think that she might be losing hers. Isn’t it strange how Ryan and Regis switched networks for this special new year?

  3. I watched the CNN coverage because I’m in the New Orleans area and was interested in seeing the national coverage of the New Orleans countdown. I wanted to see Dick Clark but never saw him whenever I’d flip over to ABC. Happy New Year!

  4. ABC started their coverage at 9 or 10pm then broke for the local news.came back at 11:30. Seeing Dick Clark was why I continued to watch. It ws heartbreaking to hear him speak but you have to give the guy credit. He made some comeback from his stroke.

    I don’t think the show had a good momnetum going. Ryan Sechrest is great but this was really Dick’s show and I think Ryan held back a lot. They are saying he has been selected as the heir apparent to Dick Clark. They have hired him to do some producing and the New yuears Eve gig each year.

    Amazing how FOX is ledttting him do this i guess with Idol still going strong for a few more years. Anywy is great to look at 🙂

  5. I can not believe that ABC would let Philbin go to FOX either. I miss the coverage that the networks had for the 2000 New Year. I remember the excitement I had watching live coverage of the different countries ringing in the new year every hour. I would love to see that happen again.

    Does anyone agree?


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