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New graphics on 7, again


Looks like they’ve changed the “News Today” bump and it’s pretty cool. Along the lines of what New Video bumper graphics are but much cooler. There’s a sphere, that looks a lot like the borg sphere on Star Trek, that opens up and a 7 logo pops out. Everything is very blue and chrome.

I’m sleepy, lazy and watching the solar eclipse live from Turkey, but I’ll try to get some screen shots later today if nothing crashes. Been having issues with my PC for a while.

I find it amusing how the 7 logo comes out of a Borg-like sphere :). And I do like how busy the background is but those things rotate a bit too fast.
Some screencaps. I’m too lazy to to get the video it takes so long to edit and encode.


  1. Crap. They usually have “News Tonight” at the beginning of the 6:30pm, but I missed it. 🙁 Although, me thinks that when they do get new graphics, they will look a lot like this. Nevertheless. I like them. 🙂

  2. yeah basically the theme of the new package is going to be WHDH on steroids. look through one of HDH’s newscasts and imagine all the graphics with extra flash and sounds…same thing goes for the new opens and music.

    only 1 more month until its all unveiled…until then, the daily graphics (like news today/tonight) will be revealed slowly but surely…be patient.


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