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Jeff Weinsier Arrest: All Charges Dropped


Assistant State Attorney Maggie Gerson who’s in charge of Jeff Weinsier’s case has decided all charges should be dropped. She concluded that the sidewalk was not school grounds (he was arrested on the road actually) and that the officer’s commands were not legal because there were other people on that sidewalk that weren’t told they must go across the street.

Since Weinsier was on a public sidewalk he couldn’t have been trespassing thus the charges of trespassing have to dropped and “anything that was found on the defendant after he was arrested will be suppressed as a matter of law” therefore the gun charges also have to be dropped.

The charge of disrupting school function also did not apply because the students had already been dismissed when the arrest took place.

Gerson relied on WPLG’s footage from the incident.

Memo from State Attorney /PDF/

Miami Herald – No charges against Channel 10 reporter

Local10.com – Charges Against Local 10 Reporter Dropped

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS for Jeff. Good for him. I hope the Miami Dade School Police learned their lesson. Leave the press alone!

  2. Another example of a meathead, Neanderthal cop pushing his weight (literally and figuratively) around. I thought it was funny how the MDCPS cop kept saying “I am asking kindly…” but his demeanor and movements suggested otherwise.

  3. Right! Leave my old neighbor Jeff Weinsier alone! You can’t be arrested him. You have respect him. Do not near him. Leave my friend alone!


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