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Jeff Weinsier Arrest: Libertarian Party Of Florida Announces Support


The Libertarian Party of Florida has put a press release out announcing their support for WPLG reporter Jeff Weinsier and calling for dismissal of all charges against him.

Lpf.org – News Release Libertarians Support WPLG Reporter (pdf link)

Libertarians Support WPLG Reporter

Reporter does not give up his Constitutional right on school property

Winter Park, Florida – The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) is appalled at the arrest of JeffreyWeinsier, a reporter for WPLG-TV News simply for his exercising his Second Amendmentright and his ability to protect himself.

Weinsier had recently received death threats by those under his scrutiny. In order to protect himself, Mr. Weinsier applied for and received a concealed carry permit from the State of Florida and carries a firearm. Earlier this week Mr. Weinsier was arrested for allegedlystepping onto school grounds in order to cover a story on school violence.

LPF chairman, Karl Dickey said, “This is a situation where the State oversteps itsbounds when responsible citizens desire to protect themselves. Mr. Weinsier should not be required to give up his constitutional rights simply due to the place he happens to be standing. Having schools as ‘gun-free zones’ is an irresponsible policy as it allows criminals carteblanche to do what they will and leaving responsible citizens unable to protect themselvesand others.” Gun-free zones are “target-rich environments” for criminals.

The Libertarian Party of Florida calls for the dismissal of all charges against JeffreyWeinsier and for the Florida legislature to take up this unjust law in the 2008 session.


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  1. So the Libertarian Party suupports Jeff and wants the Legislature to step in? Give me a break. What next the NRA? Will Charlton Heston make a special trip to attend Jeff’s court hearing?
    Look, Reporters and cops get into arguments like this all the time. It happens at practically every crime scene that gets media coverage.
    I think Jeff was well within his rights to protest the cop’s orders…BUT–and this is a big BUT–he should have first stopped to think that he had a gun in his pants and he was only a few feet from a school. Now the issue is not whether he had a right to be on the sidewalk or not…the issue is that he had a gun on school property and he had a gun in apparent violation of Post Newsweek policy.
    Now its up to WPLG. If they want to keep Jeff they can simply say they made an exception for him because of his fear about retaliation of the restaurant reports, if not they can say adios amigo.
    Bottom line, its now up to the big wigs and Post Newsweek whether Jeff gets to keep his job.

  2. Well Veronica, you made coupple of dull points.
    First, there were no “crime scene” at all, nothing to be in “charge” off. Just a public sidewalk with two guys on it performing esential public service.
    Second, gun on school property, how so? Even if he “stepped on the grass” he was still outside school fence and I would like to see jury convicting him for “carrying a gun” on school property.
    Lastly Post Newsweek policy. Who cares bout some third party firearm policy. Have they assigned security detail to protect reporter after treats? Do they even care for their people safety… eeeee you tell me… Anyway, it has nothing to do with issiue on hand.
    I do agree that guy should think of his gun BEFORE he come back to the sidewalk for second time and got himself arrested. Carrying weapon while challengin a cop wasn`t smart… Judging from his mug shot he realized that.LOL

  3. Well, Julian you contradict yourself.
    First, you imply that Jeff did nothing wrong, then you say he should have “thought” before challenging the cop.
    You bet you should have thought. Carrying a firearm on school property is a felony. Its always a good idea to make sure you have your act together before challenging someone else.
    As far as Post Newsweek policy, they employ him. They sign his checks. Of course, it matters!!
    Hey, I don’t think Jeff was wrong. Just dumb.

  4. here is the point you are missing VC, HE WAS NOT ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. He had no intention of going on school property. They were there to interview parents and get video.

  5. rlo, If I am not mistaken the law says you cannot carry a gun 1000 feet from school property. Granted, I do not have a copy of the Florida Statutes, but that’s what I have read in the news stories about this.

  6. Where do I contradict myself Veronica? He didn`t broke law carrying, it just wasn`t smart thing to do, granted he expected to be arrested. No contradiction.
    You on the other hand are making jugment based on law you do not know or understand. Open the statutes BEFORE you open your mouth.


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