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Jeff Weinsier Arrest: The Raw Video


WPLG has posted the unedited video of all 8:55 minutes of the confrontation between Jeff Weinsier and the school police. Link below

Local10.com – Raw Video: Unedited Video of Local 10 Reporter Arrest

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  1. Mr, anonymous – he was not looking for trouble, the trouble found him. He was doing his job as directed by WPLG. He was there to get a story about school violence, thats what he was working on. The police asked him to leave, but had no right to – thats the trouble. He went across the street the first time, and called his superiors for a directive. The station contacted the PIO and was told that if other people are on the sidewalk, then he had a right to be there to, it was indeed public propoerty. I admit, he could have walked away and none of this would have happened, but that would be wrong. As the lawyer said in the WPLG package, the officers were violating the constitution. But what is the interesting part, is what is WPLG gonna do now???

  2. He should have walked away and filed a complaint. But the photog is right to be filing assault charges. The cop shouldn’t have touched him.

  3. Jeff Weinsier you did right. Good luck. I hope that oversize officer gets what he deserve because if he had listened to you that you checked with the right people he should have checked before making the arrest. Thank you for protecting our rights. You have my complete support.

  4. I will say that he was looking for trouble, but the officers were definitely acting wrong. They didn’t even give him an answer as to why he had to cross the street. If he had an answer, the cop would have been in the right.


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