1. NBC 6 has been hiring a few lookers lately, besides Ms. Grey, the new sports girl, whose name escapes me at the moment, and Roxanne Vargas who does traffic on South Florida Today. Makes me glad I have cable again and can see NBC 6! (I could never get a decent signal over-the-air)

  2. Roxanne Vargas is a stiff. You gotta be kidding me. How they look doesn’t matter if they don’t even have the ability to read a prompter. Someone at 6 has been pushing her for awhile, and frankly, no thanks.

  3. Actually, how they look DOES matter…especially if they can’t read a prompter. If given no alternative, would you rather have someone easy on the eyes stumbling over there workds, or someone who you can’t stand to hear OR watch? Cuz, given the former, I’ll just mute the sound and see the graphics screen giving me the 5 day forecast which they get wrong ANYWAY.

  4. Speaking of not-so-smooh on the air, looks like WFOR may have given the boot to Yomary (sp?) Cruz? Haven’t heard her on the AM broadcasts in a few weeks now.

  5. Admin,

    You’re welcome for the tip!

    I also happened to catch Andrea Brody on the same newscast doing Sports. If you recall, Brody is a former NBC6 general assignment reporter who tackled (no pun intended) both the news and sports, but left to pursue other opportunities. No word if she’ll take on dual roles this time, as no bio has been posted on NBC6.net.


  6. Your new weather forecaster, Jennifer Gray, is highly trained with journalism and geosciences degrees as well as a certified meteorogist. And she’s experienced. Congratulations on making such a wise choice. I know how good she is. I taught her!


  7. Ms Gray is a more than welcomed addition-who cares about the forecast anyway-I can do a fairly decent job by walking outside. She is educated, easy on the eyes, and include myself as a FAN-even with her southern drawl which is slowly disappearing. Good job NBC6!!

  8. Jennifer Gray is hotter than the weather in Louisiana that she left from reporting in. We missher and want her to come back. Allthey’ve had since she left is tired looking weather girls that talk funny.


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