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SprintSpeed Competition: Send an SMS to Joel Connable


NBC6’s Joel Connable is one of the participants in the SprintSpeed competition.
He’s playing for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

You can send him a text message to 786-374-4696

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  1. I just texted Joel seven times (my lucky number). I hope he surpasses everyone else. Good luck Joel…if you read this message.

    Your loyal #1 Fan!

  2. Mr. Jones. Please note in the future I spell my name Burgundy with a U!

    Stay Classy Miami!

    Ron Burgundy
    Professional Anchorman

  3. I sent Joel a few texts, and he actually replied, nice guy. He told me he really appreciated the fact that I took time out of the day and to send him a text message. Does he not know that I am a 14 year old kid that all I do all day is send text messages? Honestly…


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