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Remember this guy? Former WSVN reporter Juan Carlos Fanjul left 7 in 2002 for a reporting job at WGN is now coming back. At WPEC as an anchor of the station’s 7pm newscast.

Plus, he’s no stranger to the Palm Beach market. Fanjul has worked as a reporter at WPBF and WPTV.

His first day on the air at WPEC is January 23.

Chicago Sun-Times – Reporter goes home

/img Juan Carlos Fanjul Bio on WGN/

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  1. You better believe he’s no stranger. He’s part of the Fanjul family which controls the Everglades sugar cane industry and has effectively prevented cleanup of the environmental mess caused by that industry. They are the loose inspiration for the CBS series “Cane.” So make of that what you will. Also, he’s as tall as Craig Stevens. Here endeth the sniping.


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