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DeMarco Morgan Leaving WTVJ; Tom Llamas Unconfirmed







 WTVJ anchor DeMarco Morgan was just hired at WNBC. What a small fish for such a big pool. Come December, DeMarco will work weekends anchoring the 6 & 11 P.M. news. A few weeks ago we reported that DeMarco Morgan and Tom Llamas were up in NY interviewing at WNBC. No word on if he was (or will be) hired as well. DeMarco denied that he was hired, even to fellow co-workers up to just a few days ago. This may be a smart move for both stations. With DeMarco gone, that leaves a spot open for the unused star at WTVJ – Joel Connable. According to rumors, Joel is supposed to be in a full time anchor spot by the end of this year. Now that would be a nice thing to see. Some real talent in the anchor seat. So now, it’s just a wait and see situation.

Update: According to management insiders at WTVJ, Joel Connable will be the new 7P.M. anchor, and possibly the new 6P.M. anchor.


  1. I am excited to see that the big wigs at WTVJ are finally making the right choice and promoting the one & only JOEL CONNABLE to a full-time (and what seems like main) anchor position. Joel is one talented personality that can make a difference at WTVJ.

    I am sorry to see that Tony Segreto will likely be retiring by the end of the year to make way for Joel at 6:00 pm. I just wish WTVJ would revamp their entire anchor line-up to be as follows:

    Mornings: Pam Giganti & Julia Yarbough
    6 pm: Joel Connable & Kelly Craig
    7 pm: Joel Connable & Kelly Craig
    11 pm: Joel Connable & Kelly Craig

    Though I don’t have anything personal against Jackie, I just think it is time for some change at WTVJ. Kelly is a great anchor an both Joel and her can really deliver some great news (with a little bit of humor) to us.

    I don’t show Bob Mayer as he is also likely to be headed for retirement.

    Come on WTVJ…be smart and place the best anchors on your important newscasts. This way you can increase your ratings and possibly save us from loosing a great news team when WPLG takes over.

    Congratulations JOEL! It’s well deserved!

  2. I work with Tom and he has told me that he is leaving too, but the final details of his deal haven’t been finalized yet. Why wasn’t Joel made the anchor of the 7 and 11 a long time ago? I thought Joel came from Los Angeles while Demarco came from a smaller market. Why would they promote a less experienced person?

  3. Not surprised, and I am sure we’ll see more go between now and the en of the year.

    Am glad we’ll start seeing more of Joel. He’s not as outstanding as so many on this board think, but he’s certainly better at the anchor desk than DeMarco (who I always thought was better as a reporter).

    Saw Tisha Lewis at the desk for the 6 p.m. news last Saturday – wasn’t a complete trainwreck, but it was far from the high standard we used to see on 6.

    I do think they need some new blood in the mornings – would love to see Trina Robinson take Bob’s spot. She’s been subbing for him on Today in South Florida the last few days, and I have always thought she deserved a bigger role at 6 than she’s had with South Florida Today.

  4. Demarco is a definitely an unpolished gem moving to greener pastures – can’t blame him for that. Unlike Tisha Lewis, Demarco has been graced with more “humanity” on and off the air. She’s cold, she’s bland, she’s snobby.
    Just watching Joel handle the tri-county chase the other day reaffirmed what many of us have been saying: he should’ve been promoted long long ago.

  5. I don’t know if WNBC is much greener pastures as “I care for WTVJ” says. WNBC is a trainwreck right now, layoffs are forcing many people out. It is the oowest rated station in New York. It’s just like WTVJ.

  6. Oh, but it’s market 1! Though if you don’t have good representation you’re going to be living 2 hours away from NYC! I doubt they are paying top dollar these days therefore they are hiring “unpolished gems”!!!!!

  7. WNBC is definitely not paying top dollar. I have a friend who was offered the 5pm anchor slot there and was offered a salary of 150,000. The previous person was making over 400. That just shows how much they are cutting back. 400 may be a lot fo money, but in a city like New York, you’re not rich making 200 or less.

  8. OK…first of all: Many thanks to Joel and his multiple ID’s on this website for talking about how great he is. I think if you read through this you can see a common theme to all these posts. I’m sure there are a ton of people out there who do think you’re the greatest thing since Jewish Rye… but there are other who can read this as a great big plug for your own well-being.

    Second: Getting to market #1 is not what it used to be. Period. I mean, it doesn’t pay as much…it’s not as EXCLUSIVE as it once was…
    and it’s almost like they’ll take anyone. Is Demarco the 3rd Miami talent to ship it to NYC in the past year? I’m sure he got screwed b/c NBC already knew what he was making in his contract in Miami…and he’s keeping the shop EOE friendly, too.

    Milwaukee to Miami to New York City. Oh yeah – totally paying your dues there.

    I thought Joel was going to MSNBC anyway? What happened to that?

    Good luck to everyone regardless.

    But just rememeber you’re not as good as you think you’re are…your job isn’t what it used to be (isn’t viewed as exclusive like it was 5-10 years ago)…and TV isn’t all that. If you want to be a star, get Ari Gold as your agent and move to Malibu.

  9. I am not Joel Connable, but you are not realistic–just another jealous talentless POC mucking up this site. Talent doesn’t matter anymore, otherwise Nespral would have been out years ago, along with Nerey, Stevens, Tisha Lewis, Gray Hall, “Q” and all the other half-wits who have polluted my screen.
    But then again, this is Rick Sanchez’ hometown.

  10. Hmm. Lets be realistic. Why would you think Joel writes on this site. As far as we know at NBC, our anchors don’t spend a lot of time on this site. I’ll make you a deal, lets be realistic. You reveal what your real name is and I will reveal mine. But, I don’t have male genetalia, so I couldn’t be Joel. I think Lets be Realistic is just jealous that Joel is getting attention. Don’t be so juvenile. Joel is a good anchor. Joel has paid his dues and he is a very nice person. He wouldn’t talk badly about someone he didn’t know. He is too busy with his own life to worry about yours. I will admit. I am his friend though.

  11. My Dear old CHUCKIE

    Don’t try Ms. Nerey and Mr. Stevens. There banter is delightful and they are great together. I can’t wait for Nov. Sweeps to come in. I’ll bet you anything that Local 10 won’t be number one anymore.

    Keep on Glowing Ms. Nerey.

    May all the haters choke on there vomit.


  12. LetsBeRealistic, if you are implying that I am Joel Connable, you are totally mistaken! I am just a fan of his work and know that he will probably be the only anchor that can save WTVJ.

  13. Why is everyone talking about Joel Connable staying at WTVJ. I heard from many people that he is leaving January 1st. Someone told me he ha is leaving th ebusiness to work fulltime with his family’s company in New York.

  14. hey admin/alex just to let you guys know i got it confirmed that DeMarco is headed to NYC. I was talkin with the guy at the hurricane hummer today while he was at the Wine festival at the Shoppes of Pembroke Gardens

  15. Diego, you can extract your nose from Craig’s nether regions. Anyone defending 7’s content by harping on ratings proves their ignorance. THe journalistic product at 7 has been inferior going back to the early 1980’s, and that product is not justified by a large audience viewing it. Their banter is insipid and moronic. The sad truth of this market is that the other stations have fallen to 7’s level rather than fighting back with a better quality product. What do you expect in a country where “American Idol” is #1?
    And if you want to insult me Diego, it should be “their” vomit, not “there.” What else would I expect from a 7 fan?

  16. CHUCKIE,

    Go back to watching CBS4 . As soon 7news or WPLG will own that station also.I for one just like many others love there banter. I would have a little crazy banter with my news then a dull boring newscast. Belkys, Lynn etc show they have a personality unlike so many other newscasters in south Florida that need someone to draw them a personality. If you do not like WSVN then don’t watch. Last time I looked nobody asked you or forced you to watch them. Believe me you won’t be missed. Now go infected someone else with your utter nonsense.

  17. Their, you buffoon…if you learn nothing else from this site, learn the difference between “their” and “there.” I watch SVN only enough to have an informed opinion, and while FOR may have it’s faults, it does not have Belkys nor Jackie, yet does have Erika and Shannon. Homely guys like you need proper grammar and spelling…sweeties like Erika von Tiehl and Shannon Hori, not so much…

  18. Chuckie,

    If I wanted grammar lessons I’ll ask a professor. Do something your good at and that’s watching CBS4. The station NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is watching anymore. Now Skip back into traffic and let a car side swipe you.


  19. Who is Jackie?

    I agree with your thoughts on American idol. I have never watched it nor will I ever watch that trainwreck. I also like Shannon Hori. As for Erika she really doesn’t standout to me. I think she blends in more with the sets on CBS4.

  20. Diego es stupido. There, I am more literate than you in (at least) 2 languages. Oh, and Lynn Martinez stinks too, dummy.

  21. Una vez más usted hace un tonto de usted mismo. No trate hablar en español a un puertorriqueño usted imbécil. Usted continúa al ancla mala de la boca después de ancla. Yo no tengo nada contra cualquiera en CBS4 o cualquier otra estación. Trato simplemente dar mi opinión. They say opinions are like a*******everyone has one.Háganos todo un favor y consiga una vida aparte de gastar estas anclas que trabajan duramente en nos traer las noticias.

  22. Una vez más usted hace un tonto de usted mismo. No trate hablar en español a un puertorriqueño usted imbécil. Usted continúa al ancla mala de la boca después de ancla. Yo no tengo nada contra cualquiera en CBS4 o cualquier otra estación. Trato simplemente dar mi opinión.Ellos dicen que opiniones están como a******* todos tiene uno. Háganos todo un favor y consiga una vida aparte de gastar estas anclas que trabajan duramente en nos traer las noticias.

  23. Jesus! You both are like five-year-olds with ADHD. First off, Diego, anyone can use a translator. You’re not fooling anyone. Second, grow up. Both of you. We’re talking about news stations for heavens sake. The main reason why we have four news stations in South Florida is so we can choose which style of news we like best. We all are going to have diffrent opinions. I for one, agree with Chuck… or “Chuckie” as you call him in that condescending way. I don’t like the flasyness of 7. I like real news, with real anchors, and without the BS spin they do just to pull in ratings. But that’s just me, and that’s why we’re free to choose. Now look, this bickering that you both do… really needs to just stop. You both should just agree to disagree and leave it at that. Ignore each-other on the blog for all i care. But all your bickering comment wars do is throw my posts off topic. *eye roll*

  24. Oh, and “LetsBeRealistic” – You’re right. I’m Joel Connable, “admin” is Matt Lauer, and this is all just a government conspiracy to fuck with your head. Too bad you figured it out before the aliens came down to beam us up. Anyways, just an FYI, Joel was re-signed at NBC6 and decided not to go to MSNBC. We posted that story a couple months back.


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