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Hanna, Ike, and Josephine


Well, three are brewing out there and looks like some may be heading our way. Hanna, just downgraded to a tropical storm, doesn’t know exactly where it wants to go.  Ike and Josephine are “areas of concern” and look like they may head our way. So my South Florida neighbors, be prepared so you’re not out at 2AM the night before the storms expected landfall like i always am. Of course, i know everyone can’t wait for that fearplex news that will lead us to belive the world is ending. We’ll see what happens. Stay safe!


  1. START BOARDING UP NOW! No schools on Friday and shelters will be up and running! Publix has a sale on water and batteries! LETS GO PEOPLE… 😉

  2. Joe Joe, i think that may be jumping the gun a tad. I have yet to hear about school closures, and all the storms are pretty far out. I’ll wait a few days to shutter up my house.

  3. Just wach the news. Boarding up for the rest of the hurricane season might not be a bad idea. That way if a storm really comes you don’t have to worry about that.

  4. >>> I’ll wait a few days to shutter up my house.
    I thought you were in Seattle????? Or somewhere out West?????

  5. Have any of you seen Julie Durda this morning? Looks like 7 decided to let her do the explaining on Ike. It was painful and mostly annoying to listen. Take her off please and place any other person from that weather team. They are better. Not a good choice to put her on. I’m disappointed.

  6. Oh man…did any of you watch Julie Durda this morning. You know it is okay to mess up once in a while because we are human beings and are not perfect. But it is everyday with her. But I must say that I learned something new from Durda today. I did not know that Cuba’s mountains reached space. Ahhh..

  7. OMG! WSVNFan, I know exactly what you mean! Seriously, she’s jumping from weather to sports and back again. What is her obsession with the game? I understand that there’s a big game but she’s suppose to be reporting on the weather, not sports. Also, she needs to dissimulate when she clicks her remote because she does it way too loud and it becomes annoying. I’ve observed Phil and Vivian Gonzalez and you don’t hear them clicking at all. I know it sounds like a minor detail but small details are a big deal when you’re on TV. There she goes again, plugging the game that everyone is aware about!!!! She’s really annoying me. Everytime I see her, I change the channel.
    When is Vivian Gonzalez going to be on? She knows what she’s doing!

  8. A major storm should be covered by the chief. I guess we will see Brent and Vivian back to normal when Ike is done.


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