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WSVN.com Using MyWeather LLC Tools


It looks like WSVN have finally gotten around to add some better tools to the hurricane section on WSVN.com

They added an animated radar map, done in flash and using Microsoft Virtual Earth. And hurricane tracker map, also in flash, providing projected path and

Both the radar and hurricane trackers are by MyWeather LLC, the online weather solution part of WeatherCentral which provides on-air weather graphics solutions for TV stations.

I believe WSVN switched to WeatherCentral’s HD offering recently as part of their transition to HD.

/hat tip sflv reader/


  1. Yeah, they are improving their systems. But Julie Durda seems out of place. The girl takes her sweet time to talk and is all over the place with her explainations. She needs her own show. She takes longer than Phil and he is the chief. She tries to sound less dumb by using words like dominated (all the time, affecting our weather pattern and the one that really gets to me is “I’m Forecating.” She is now the National Weather Service ladies and gentlemen. Tune her out WSVN. She is annoying.


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