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That would be WHDH’s version of News Never Stops. They are getting WSVN-ified more and more:
Weird how even a sister station can’t copy the original … WSVN’s version is much better, I think. But they have the sexier newsplex which WSVN didn’t copy that well either.Boston Globe writer Johnny Diaz takes a look at the psychology behind tv news promos and polls a marketing expert, a design student and a writer on what they think about the promos of 5 Boston area stations.

Says one of the people about WHDH’s News Never Stops promo:

“Oh my God, it’s a hip-hop video! It’s newshizzle! It’s local TV talent trapped inside a giant rave! I love the total idiotic shamelessness on display here. And I happily admit that I’ve been chanting ‘News Never Stops’ at my wife all day. Can I get a copy of the single on iTunes?”

Yeah, that about sums it up
Is the newshizzle working for you?

Spot on – The Boston Globe
How effective are the promo spots airing on local TV? – The Boston Globe


  1. WLVI airs its own version of the ad where Scott Chapin just says “Ten, Ten, Teh-Teh-Ten-Ten, Seven…” Just FYI.

  2. I like theirs more than WSVN’s, simply b/c it has more behind the scenes camera action. I like that in a commercial. WSVN has too much city showing. WE KNOW WHAT MIAMI LOOKS LIKE!

  3. I really don’t like how there are, like, 80 (7) news stations across the country. When I watch the news, I want to feel like the station is specially tuned towards the county/area I live in, not that it is some fast food franchise! *roll*

  4. WSVN’s one still better.. like i said they have the best promos in Local News.. Just like CNN has the best in Cable News!


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