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The WSVN Newsplex Is Set For a Revamp

WSVN Newsplex

Several tipsters tell SFLTV that WSVN is in the process of revamping the newsplex which is now in its fifth year since its last renovation that took place back in 2009 before the station went HD.

We have scant details to go buy, and information is conflicting, but the prevailing info we hear is that the revamp will be mostly cosmetic, similar to what Sunbeam did with its other station in Boston, WHDH, which just received a barely noticeable refresh with a darker red duratrans strip and some more monitors as backdrops on the second floor that quite honestly don’t look that impressive.

We’re kind of sad to report that there is a possibility the big wall of old CRT televisions, which have been there literally since the 1990s, will finally give way to big flat screens that will use software to simulate the tiny wall of TVs we’ve become used to seeing behind the anchors. After the WHDH newsplex revamp took place their morning newscasts have featured clouds on the monitor wall (pic below) which to be quite honest we’re not big fans of but we’ll have to wait and see what they come up with down here.

WHDH Newsplex 2014 refresh

Right now our best guess for when the changes will take place is maybe aroud September, or in time for November sweeps at the latest.

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  1. WHDH’s Newsplex is currently under renovation again. They revealed the changes back in April and then put the Chroma back up. Word is they tore down the red balcony and are replacing it with a new monitor screen similar to the banner on the today show set.

    • interesting, i’ve thought for a while they should do something like this, not sure how well it would translate at wsvn though, plex being smaller.

  2. With their great ratings sometimes the best policy is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. They are very tech savy so all should be well with any changes.

  3. They lowered the camera angle to only show the ground floor. Does this mean that changes are underway? Cross our fingers.


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