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WPTV Hires New Anchor

Ashely Hinson WPTV WFLX

Ashley Hinson is the new WPTV anchor for the 10pm newscast on WFLX. She is native of Texas and comes from Lubbock, TX ABC affiliate KAMC where she anchored the weekday evening newscasts and reported daily. She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State University in 2012.

Hinson arrives shortly after it was announced that long-time WPTV anchor Shannon Cake is going part-time after asked for reduced duties to be able to spend more time with her family.


You can follow Ashley Hinson on Twitter @ahinsonWPTV, or Facebook.com/AshleyHinsonTV

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  1. She’s pretty. But has already proven not to be the smartest cookie in the jar. Polar opposite smarts wise to Cake.

    • She pronounced Fabien Cousteau’s last name as “Cas-towe” repeatedly. And when called on it she defended herself by saying she was told to pronounce it that way before going on-air. No excuse. General knowledge should have been enough to know how to pronounce a well-known name such as this.
      Her looks are the most important thing. Smarts is just a small bonus and not required.

  2. well a quick review of her bio revealed she has a prerequisite to work at channel 10-fyi, penn state isnt the pre req im talking about

    Following her passion, Ashley graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State University in May 2012 where she also cheered on the Nittany Lions from the sidelines as a member of the Penn State Lionettes Dance Team.

  3. A nice break from the parade of little old ladies (Shannon excepted). Give her a break and a start; like, you weren’t ever 23. Good luck kiddo

  4. I agree, Smartguy. Thanks for saying what you did. I’m a science teacher at the school from which Ashley has graduated. She’s a great person, and very smart. Don’t confuse that with being young and just starting out in an extremely judgemental career.


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