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No She Wasn’t


Someone has confused Belkys adjusting her mic with … um … something else, like grabing/adjust certain parts of the female body.

But that’s not as striking as the fact that the video as of this writing has gotten over 405,000 views and climbing steadily.

That’s more eyeballs than Channel 7 newscasts get in one day probably.

/thx Brandon/

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  1. Pure Deco Drive. Lord knows why she’s on a newscast.

    Imagine if Lori, Shannon, or Jackie got caught like that?

  2. You know Joe,
    Lori, Shannon and Jackie don’t have to run around a newsroom every 5 minutes for a story from the plex, the set, the chroma. If they did for hours on end, they too would get caught with their knickers down. And she was not grabbibg anything but a mic.

  3. Oh jeez, this is going to turn into a “Belkys” comment war, isn’t it :-P. “She sucks!”… “Shes a human god!”… “No, shes the equlilant to an ape in the news industry”… “No, shes amazing!”

  4. She needs to learn how to behave I havent seen it happen to anybody else, but her. Remember that infamous clip during a hurrican coverage hen Craig had to push her down on the seat after doing the same. That is also on youtube. And she didnt let it slide, she made it known she went to the bathroom. I dont know. I guess that is what makes her different. Still, decorum is paramount on the set.

  5. No, she was putting a microphone on. But honestly, someone in production doesn’t like her, cause there is no reason they couldn’t have gone straight into the tease without the two shot!

  6. Typical Belkys: Always bringing her best!!!!! must have a hell of a godfather (or godmother from what I hear) to put up with that. I never watch that channel…

  7. Diego (and a few others), get real. Belkys is a buffoon, plain and simple.

    I’m not “in the biz” – I’m just an interested viewer. It certainly doesn’t take any “behind the scenes” smarts to see that she’s a clown.

  8. Adrian hit the nail on the head! She is always reading magazines, texting on her phone or shopping online while on set. The directors expose it whenever they can hoping that someone in management will finally catch on.

  9. Thinking about it, it must have been somewhat deliberate on the part of those in production. They could have alerted her, but I maintain that it is incumbent on her to keep her composure.

  10. Thinking about it, it must have been somewhat deliberate on the part of those in production. They could have alerted her, but I maintain that it is incumbent on her to keep her composure.

  11. Thinking about it, it must have been somewhat deliberate on the part of those in production. They could have alerted her, but I maintain that it is incumbent on her to keep her composure.

  12. Thinking about it, it must have been somewhat deliberate on the part of those in production. They could have alerted her, but I maintain that it is incumbent on her to keep her composure.

  13. WHDH, if you notice, you can tell that they were extending the 7 on 7 for a few seconds, to see if Belkys would hurry it up a little. I’m still trying to figure out as to why she had to make that little ‘giggle’ she made, unless she was pleasing herself during the weather, trying to pass it off as ‘dilly dalying back there’ and the microphones fault. She was ‘dilly dalying’ alright… DOWN HER SHIRT! πŸ˜‰

    Also, there was a newscast where Belkys was introducing a story in the Plex, and then she was walking back to the desk. When the story ended, they did the one shot with Craig at the desk, he was introducing a story, and you see Belkys walking RIGHT BEHIND him during the live shot, even though she could’ve gone another way. And, she started making faces while she was walking behind him. Funny, but VERY unprofessional.

  14. I do to and she can do NO wrong in my book. Thanks god she has a personality. I mean god help us all if she was as DULL and boring to watch as Laurie Jennings. Belkys is an original and if she were like every other person 7 news would not be so fun to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Laurie Jennings was GOLD on 7. Look up old articles from the Miami New Times where her and craig were listed as best newscasters in sofl, probably back in like 2002. Laurie has class and was great with craig.

  16. Laurie = me taking a SLEEPING PILL.

    Can someone please tell Laurie Less make up is more. I mean her pores are SCREAMING for AIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  17. If im not mistaken didn’t Belkys and Dwight just win an award by the readers of a magazine as best Anchors??????????

    The only award I can see Laurie winning is for putting my poor granny to sleep in the nursing home.

  18. Besides if Laurie was so GREAT why didn’t WSVN jump at the chance to take her back? I mean as u say Belkys is not good seems like WSVN would have did whatever to get her back when she moved back to south Florida.

  19. “Oh jeez, this is going to turn into a β€œBelkys” comment war, isn’t it :-P.”

    Who called it? I called it? WHO called it? I called it.

  20. I love Belkys Nerey! She makes me laugh all the time… 7 News wouldn’t be the same without her or Robbin Simmons – they are truly the 2 leaders of WSVN 7 News when it comes to having personality and not afraid to show it… Go 7 News!!!!

  21. NO she makes us laugh cause we don’t have to Draw her a personality like Laurie Jennings. Either u got it or u don’t and the ones that do have it are far and between.

  22. Maybe Belkys instead of being an news anchor (or news reader) should be perhaps the main squeeze at Deco Drive. That’s more likely her kind of show. She has no class at all and is actually an insult to those journalists that have earned the viewers respect. Another suggestion: Jo Ann Rivers sidekick or even better an Geico Insurance personality.

  23. Don’t hate Frnakmia.She is the main anchor and she is not going anywhere. Learn to love it cause it’s the best thing going today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He maybe u should be the head janitor at the health deptartment . I hear they always need a good guy like u .

  24. Diego, not bad at least I don’t make a fool of myself. Perhaps you and Belky can do the news at Clown TV. Quite a pair! By the way is not hate, just facts.

  25. LOL


    Let’s not be Catie .
    Put your Claws back in my dear!!!!!!!!!

    CBS4 is anyone watchin them no matter what they do ?

    7news is still doing GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT last time I checked .

  26. I don’t really watch 7news and therefore don’t watch Belkys… but from reading this post, and posts in the past…. Apparently she is a human god. I say, bow down to our human overlord……. Guys, she can’t be THAT great. πŸ˜›

  27. Wrong Causes?

    At least I’am passoinate about something these days. It seems no one no matter wether believe in something or not will stand up for them selves. She’s not your cup of tea okay. However she is mine and many other peoples cups of tea. If we all liked the same person then there would only be one station around. Who do u think is the best female anchor? Please do not say Laurie Jennings or Jackie Nespral.

  28. A viewer’s opinion (mine) – Best Female Anchors and the Absolute Worst

    4 – Ileana Varela
    6 – Julia Yarbough
    7 – Diana Diaz
    10 – Laurie Jennings / Janine Stanwood

    Rene Marsh (hands down)

  29. My Choice

    4 = Shannon ( however I never watch 4 )

    6 = Julia ( If I had to pick someone but I don’t watch this station either )

    10 = Kristi ( Is she still there ????? )

    7 = Belkys ( Love me some her )


    Lynn ( Love her also )

    ( This is also the station I turn to for my NEWS

  30. There are very few who can be “two people” on the same station and make it work on both sides. Lynn comes close, but her ‘Belkys’ (i.e., goofy) side slips just a bit too much into the news side.

    Even when she’s dead serious, one can’t help but think of her cavorting with Louie. Sort of takes away from the whole news thing.

  31. I agree with u both Michael and Joe about Lynn. Plus she always seems to have a new do and she is not bad on the eyes either.


  32. I guess i look for a great personality and someone entertaining to watch and thats lynn. To me the same face, voice gets tiring. BTW did Shereen have her baby???? She looks really skinny while a few weeks ago it was hard to not to notice her belly..

  33. I agree with Diego’s post that Shannon Hori is the best at what she do:
    DESPITE THE RATINGS. Belkys…well…
    sorry Diego, but I think Lynn M does have credentials when it comes to news (Take a look at her back in 1994 when she looks like an extra for Purple Rain!! [snicker])

    As for Belkys…

    I had much respect for Channel 7, even when it was the station that proved “if it bleeds, it leads.” But as an anchor it speaks for itself. I guess that hiring her as the lead broke the mold of the Ken and Barbie approach to Local TV news and SoFla loves it to the T!!! Even if she doesn’t have any credentials at all. She’s good TV.

    Hey, Ansin had a lemon when losing NBC, he turned it into lemonade…that bleeds.


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