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Rick Sanchez Saying Goodbye


I have this on tape somewhere but someone not as lazy (ha!) put it up on YouTube.

Rick Sanchez saying goodbye in May of 2001.

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  1. He approached an SVN reporter in the field recently–and said: “are you taking good care of what I created?” The reporter said: “What?” He said: “WSVN, of course.”
    I echo bjones. Sanchez is what is bad about tv–pompous anchors. Give us someone who is REAL and doesn’t have to lay out their accomplishments in a speech–but does it quietly and with humility.

  2. You guys are almost right. Rick Sanchez is Ron Burgundy without the sincerity. Or camera presence. On the other hand, it’s nice to know who to blame Channel 7’s news product on.

  3. Before I read any of the above comments, I thought to myself “OK, the first comment will be ‘What a pompous ass’. I missed it by only one word. 🙂

    My second thought was that I felt sorry for Laurie. At least she’s out from under that putz Sanchez and the other clowns at WSVN.

  4. I remember a charity softball game I attended back in 96 (I think) with current and former big leaguers at the time, as well as some local celebs and former athletes. Sanchez was among the ‘celebs’ playing and was LUSTILY booed during introductions and his plate appearances. In fact, since it was a charity game, every player and participant was cheered on during the game with the exception of Rick. Is was glorious to see! Not only that, he kept trying to hob-nob and chat with the players and even they didnt want anything to do with him. In the end, he just stood near the dugout and signed autographs to 3 kids who probably thought he was a pro athlete.

  5. I love how everyone says he’s a pompous ass, but considering their ratings during the time, so many people down here couldn’t get enough of him or the NewsPlex.


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