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WNBC Snags Another WTVJer


WNBC just snagged another WTVJ employee. This time, it’s management. Ilyas Kirmani, who joined WTVJ in 2005 from WHDH-TV, is leaving to be the new “dayside manager” (whatever that is) at WNBC. His last day is sometime in January, and no word when he starts at WNBC. I’m not really sure why everyone seems to be leaving for WNBC. Last time i checked, they’re not doing much better than WTVJ right about now. 

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  1. And he will help drag WNBC into the cellar just like he did WTVJ. He is one of the worst managers I have ever seen and I’ve done this for more than 30 years. I wonder what other NBC6’ers think about him.

  2. Keep thinking Stephen. WTVJ being sold is bad for everyone, especially South Florida viewers. NBC6 invented good news coverage 59 years ago. Everyone wanted to be like WTVj and it could be great once again if we have smart people running the place.

    • I wholeheartedly agree that they were once the best, but if you think that internal changes can solve their current situation, you must be mistaken. NBC is in trouble, they are fighting for 3rd place with FOX and by the time American Idol comes around like it does every day, they’ll definitely lose that battle.
      The last thing on their minds is “improving” their local affiliates if you can call it that. (Notice how most O&Os except for WRC are last place in their markets.)

  3. John, I couldn’t agree with you more. With names such as Ralph Renick, Bob Weaver, Bernie Rosen, etc, WTVJ set the standard for South Florida news coverage. I remember one of their old sayings used to be, “Only the sun covers South Florida better than WTVJ.” They had so many firsts, including being the first station in South Florida to switch to high definition. It’s such a shame to see something as historic as WTVJ being run the way it is. Get some new management in there and hopefully, you can turn this ship around.

  4. KNBC is not a good station in Los Angeles. KNBC is oring and dry just like the rest o them. KABC and KCAL and XBS beat KNBC on a daily basis.


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