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We’re going to try something… new. There seems to be a steady stream of readers who are always asking us site, or news related  questions via the Meebo chat box, or the e-mail form. So now we invite those people to e-mail us at AskSFLTV@gmail.com and we’ll (to our best ability) post an answer in a monthly open thread.


  • Just e-mail us at AskSFLTV@gmail.com  
  • Don’t worry – We won’t be posting your e-mail address, or full name. 
  • You can remain anonymous, though we prefer if you include your first name. 

So send in any questions you may have, and we’ll try to answer them. Click here to e-mail.

By the way, we’re in talks of maybe bringing the daily… or weekly links back.

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You may contact me at: alex@sfltv.com


  1. You wrote a brief article on WFOR.Tom Doerr.I wish to affirm that it’s in incredulous how corporate CBS can tolerate a station once worth over $225-mil. to be run the way it is. The O&O management hires consultants for uniformity; one such came to this station a year ago suggesting a major shift from its leading role; the current management concurred; it fell to the depths of ratings history. Please be assured that if one were to monitor the product of this station(which once produced a show called the Jim And Jade Show) then, the FCC chairman could do a better job. If one were to actually watch the daily news broadcasts, then, one would query how such information can be transpired to the general public. Thank you and regards.


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