Home departures Breaking News: Paul Deanno set to leave WTVJ!

Breaking News: Paul Deanno set to leave WTVJ!



Breaking news, just announced. Paul Deanno, the chief meteorologist over at WTVJ is set to leave in May. No word on where he’s going (possibly Portland), or pretty much any other info.. Very new information, just announced (spoken) in the newsroom.

Check back for updates!

Updates below:

Update: Paul said in the verbal announcement that he was heading to the Pacific Northwest, though he wouldn’t say where. Could be Portland.. or Seattle. He has family in Oregon and Washington. 

Update: According initial reports, NBC6 will be looking for a new, young, hip, and possibly even black man to replace Paul


  1. Duh. Duh. Duh. WTF…. Talk about unexpected. If you recall a few weeks ago Paul posted a personal letter of his recent experience about his father and a reflection of the great circle of life. I wouldnt be surprised that had something to do with it.

  2. It’s too bad… Paul really seemed to fit in well in this market, and reported on South Florida weather as if he’d lived here for years.

    I wonder who will replace him, and if they’ll try to save money with a four person weather team rather than five. I think it would be interesting to see Ryan Phillips in the evening slot, and put Trina in for the mornings – having her just on South Florida Today is a waste of her talent (truth be told – I’d rather see her anchor than do weather, but c’est la vie).

  3. awww … I, am crushed. Crushed I tell you but then I read Northwest …

    Think I should do some digging and see if any Seattle stations are hiring although here the chief mets have been around for decades.

    I’m thinking he’s headed to Portland I don’t see him going from Chief @ market 16 to say weekend/morning @ market 14. Though you just never know

    My prediction would be … if they don’t hire someone from outside …

    Ryan in the evening, blond girl forgot her name morning, Trina maybe weekend or they keep her for 11am show

  4. I agree…Paul is the BEST in South Florida! He knows how to deliver the weather, without all the hype and excitement. I am sorry to see him go…as much as I was sorry to see Roland Stedham go.

    I hope they do promote Ryan Phillips to evenings/nights. Why hire from outside, when you have Ryan or Trinia in your group. John and Jennifer are also great, but don’t have the presence to be chief mets.

    Good luck Paul! South Florida will miss you!

    • Ya’ know, i was thinking about that. So that’s why i asked my sources. Allegedly, Yvette Miley wants someone new, and… well… not white. Ryan was in the evenings when he first started at WTVJ, and i bet he would never go back. Mornings are where he belongs.

  5. WTVJ has in my opinion, the best weather team in town, Paul was the best in town and now without him they are still number one in my books.
    WPLG comes in 2nd, WFOR 3rd and WSVN in dead last. I hate Phil Ferro and the other two girls are pretty mediocre, the weekend guy is its saving grace.

  6. Thank you Mr. Producer! John Gerard has been in miami for at least 15 years. Hes been at WTVJ for at least 4 or 5 years by now and deserves the bump up. If Yovene or whatever her names is wants to hire someone black fine, im all for it. But John deserves the top spot, its been a long time coming. Remember when Joel was on the weekend news with John, they had the best ratings on the weekends. I believe with Joel on at 6 and 7, the combination would bring in a lot of viewers (even if Jackie is still there).

  7. Just as long as the incoming person knows his/her stuff, that’s what matters. I love John Gerard…he ought to get it. Yes, Deanno is good, but he is QUITE full of himself. Note to P.D. as you head to another station: You’re bright, yes, but when you act as if you’re always the smartest person in the room, it tends to negate your leadership qualities. A little humility goes a long way.

  8. I definitely agree that John should get it. He knows his stuff, is professional, loves South Florida and can deliver the weather in a way that we can all understand. John also appears to have a good sense of humor, which makes watching his weather reports more enjoyable.

    I agree with David. The Joel / John combination will work very nicely and attract more viewers.

    Please promote John Gerard!!! He very well deserves it!!!


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