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Changes Coming WSVN.com?


I heard of possible changes coming down the pike to WSVN’s site not long ago and then recently WSVN Chief Meteorologist Phil Ferro sort of confirmed it on his blog:

There may be some changes to our weather web page ( at least that’s the rumor) in the coming months. I would like to pitch some suggestions to our web designers, but what would you like to see?

The current design for WSVN.com isn’t too bad but on the internets it’s nice to refresh things once in a while to keep from getting stale.

Personally I’d like to see larger and better quality video for the VOD section, preferably in wide screen format. Really now, it’s time to kill 4:3!

The live feed quality turned up a notch would be nice too. KOMO-TV, Fisher’s station here in Seattle, live streams all their newscasts online in a nice, big video player in 16:9 format.

What do you think they should add/change to WSVN.com?

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  1. I would like them to remove those extra tabs on the top. If you click on weather and come from any angle with your mouse, it gets stuck in different tabs and its a pain in the arse

  2. Chuckie,

    Go play in traffic somewhere. I mean really do you not have anything else better to do?

    getttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt BACK



    • I believe the only reason Diego hits the same keys repeatedly is because he falls asleep in mid-sentence while posting. His contributions have that precise effect on me. Estupido.

  3. Diego’s favorite color is orange….Diego repiles “Orange you sweet”…..Diego must have cried when they tore down “The Orange Bowl”

  4. Thank you JOE

    MITCHELL I hate Football

    I love my Soap Operas

    MITCHELL u are to much

    Joe thank you I don’t let MITCHELL or Chuckie bother me

  5. Diego, You know I’m just messing with you. This place wouldn’t be so colorful decorated if it wasn’t for you !!! I’ve had friends of every minority, including gay and bi ! Now go back to your girlfriend Belky.

  6. Mitchell,

    I will go back to my long island iced tea.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the beautiful SUN

    you better work

    Thinks glad you like my stle ill bring to the room LOL

  7. the hell with changing the weather, the weather is the weather, that whole news needs to be redone:

    Get rid of Belkys the neck
    Somebody back Craig Stevens away from the spray tanner
    Stop lathering up Lynn Martinez and Diana Diaz with Halloween makeup
    Same goes for Reed Cowan
    Louis Aguirre, don’t get me started
    Tell Steve Shapiro how assinine he sounds every time he calls the Marlins “The Lins”, its dumb, you’re an idiot, and no one else call them that.
    Stop with the stupid tabloid headlines for every story. It’s unnecessary.
    American Idol is not news, stop telling me it is

  8. Jim, Whats a matter, don’t you like seeing “News Alert” every 3 mins on ch7? It’s always in red, just like blood. In 30 years, Lynn Martinez will look like Joan Rivers . In 30 years, Belkys will have the same laugh as Phylis Diller. Something to look forward too.

  9. Jim ,

    If you dont like it switch the channel. I mean otherwise SHUT UP and enjoy it. Hell I will even come to your house and change the channel so you stop crying.


  10. Diego, your right….They are the best if, you want to throw up your dinner!!! No one will make you throw up faster then ch 7 . News alerts every 3 minutes, Lynne making faces with her over face lifted face……matching letters in headlines “Murder in Miami”, Terror in Tamarac”, “Disaster in Davie”……..Yup Diego, those are “your girls”.

  11. Dianna Diaz is wearing so much makeup that I heard, Ron McGill over at Metro Zoo thought she escaped from his monkey exibit. Afterall, her “appeal” is growing……..

  12. Mitchell,

    Please stop the madness

    No one Beats Laurie Jennings and her gym bag of make up she hides under the desk at WPLG. I mean I have heard rumors for years how Laurie loves the breaks as it allows her to apply more make up. Laurie, You missed a spot on your cheeks my dear.

  13. Lynn you look Fab. I mean that is your temple if you wanna tuck and pull it more power to you. I for one would tuck and pull my face also. I mean nothin more disgusting than to see a prune face man getting out of a BMW. I for one would put my money in my fae and get out of a piece of junk.

  14. Diego, I hear Dianna Diaz has a tire hung from the ceiling in her office. She finds it very relaxing to swing on while eatting her banana.

  15. Diego

    I am guessing you are either hot in the pants for Louis or Belkys, either of which is creepy.

    Channel 7 news is the worst in the country. Hands down. Only brain dead South Floridians would think that is good newscasting.

  16. Years ago I was working at the Boat Show, the booth next to me had a guy who was on vacation helping out his friend. The 1st thing he says to me is does anyone watch ch 7 ? Turns out he was an anchorman out of the state and couldn’t believe what he saw. He saw Rick and Sally ( no better example). I just laughed and repiled “just those with little or no education watch them”. Love to see the education level of the avg viewer for each station. I know ch 7 would be near the 1st grade level or below.

  17. Diego NEVER fails at making me laugh! What a character!

    The website does need to change a bit, that navigation bar is way too cluttered. And, all the ads, and links on the site kind of turn you off about it. It’s too much, just give me my news!

  18. Mitchell,

    Don’t start with your nonsense. I would be more of the Rupaul with a dirty mouth. I have a question what would u be our Janice Dickenson that pill popping hot messssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mama

  19. Diego trust me, I would Never Try YOU !!!! I just heard Reed Cowan say “crafty crooks”…..only on 7 !!!!! I guess using words that begin with different letters is to difficult for their viewers to understand.

  20. Mitchell ,

    Don’t watch 7 news if its so bad. I mean stop crying like a baby if its so bad watch something else. However if you still continue to watch it SHUT up and learn to love it cause its the best thing going today. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!

    You would love to smell my dirty boxerbriefs!!!!!!


  21. Diego, I only watch ch 7 News when there is no news on any of the other local channels as it is the worst news on the air today. When was the last time ch 7 won any type of journalism award ? Since you think they are the best, they should have tons of awards, which they don’t have. Case closed and won, by me!

  22. Diego must think his name is “Uncle Ben” cause, he’s sure trying to convert me! I think theres a better chance of ch 7 becoming a professional news station then my self “Ever” being attracted to Diego !


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