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Former WHDH GM Randi Goldklank Lands at WPEC

Randi Goldklank at WHDH
Randi Goldklank at WHDH

Randi Goldklank has landed at WPEC as local sales manager. The Boston Herald outed her new job in an article yesterday titled Disgraced media gals get new gigs

Goldklank was the general manager of WHDH, WSVN’s sister station in Boston, but resigned last year after getting herself arrested at Boston’s Logan Airport for disorderly conduct. I’ll spare you the details but you can read them here

Goldklank initially went on andministrative leave to take care of herself. But after accepting a plea deal (probably to end what could have been a very public trial since the media was hounding her constantly) she resigned from WHDH. Her assault charges were dropped and her case was continued without finding, meaning if she stays out of trouble for a year all charges will be dropped.

Goldklank was hired in November 2006 to head WHDH. Before that she was WSVN’s general sales manager.

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