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No Love for WTVJ

Photo Via: NBC Local Media
Photo Via: NBC Local Media

After nearly five months of NBC6 switching to their new logo and website NBCMiami.com, NBC Local Media is still demonstrating the fact that they could care less. If you look at the ‘markets’ area of the NBC Local Media website, you can still see that WTVJ has their old logo and information. If you click their “Go Now” link, it even still forwards to ‘NBC6.net’ (which forwards to NBCMiami.com).

WTVJ’s profile was placed back onto the NBC site once the Post Newsweek sale was called off.

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    • Well when Locals ONly started NBC 6 didnt have a NBCMiami site yet. So when that webpage pictured above was created, that was all they could put. Someone just neglected to change it.

    • yes, because all those other stations’ future is VERY certain, only WTVJ has to worry. All of NBC’s other O&Os will always be around, and there will be no changes or layoffs, and they will never ever be put up for sale.

  1. The NBC6 website blows the big one. It just shows what idiots in charge at NBC can do when they get their hands on stuff they shouldn’t be touching. Even the old, NBC6, seizure filled, pack to the brim with useless information site was better than what they have now.


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