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SFLTV.com’s Top Commenters


We’d like to give a quick thank you and shout out to all of our commenters on SFLTV.com! See if you made the top 35 list of SFLTV commenters.

Here they are:

1. admin (531)

2. Alex (344)

3. Michael (294)

4. Brandon (294)

5. Joe (278)

6. David (241)

7. Mike (215)

8. Chuck (175)

9. Diego (171)

10. murrow (159)

11. Dean (139)

12. ccc229 (138)

13. Julian (137)

14. insider (123)

15. The Gables (112)

16. Frank (111)

17. Jamboi (105)

18. Steve (98)

19. Anon (93)

20. MockTV (93)

21. Laura (88)

22. transitfan (83)

23. Don (82)

24. BobbieB (79)

25. Eric (78)

26. Alain (74)

27. ib-td (74)

28. Sean (72)

29. Adam (72)

30. Graham (72)

31. Ryan (68)

32. WSVNer (66)

33. Anonymous (65)

34. ib (65)

35. Ben (65)

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  1. Admin,

    I know that’s unheard of in todays world. I mean I am just happy to be in the top 10.YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Now next time I’am shooting for number 2. Get ready Admin I’am gonna claw your eyese out. LOL LOL LOL LOL
    I have been vacationing in Orlando and having a wonderful time. I have missed you all bashing me and the latest news in South Florida.

  2. I need to get a life…but Ijust got back from the Orlando area, and 2 things–first, Martha Sugalski is still a star-in-waiting; second, they actually seem to have some journalistic chops in that market, both TV and newspaper. If The Orlando Sentinel doesn’t have to suck, why does the Lauderdale paper have to?

  3. Yeah Martha Looked great, but that Hair. It’s time to take the clip out and let your blonde looks flow again Martha. I mean enough is enough with the clip looked. However those red high heels that she was wearing on one newscast were DISGUSTINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. Can I borrow them Martha? LOL LOL

  4. Martha is Hot But the hair needs work.

    Please let me get a hold of that hair Martha.

    Belkys is my girl and i think she is a cute woman and hillarious as hell. I mean she doesn’t even have to try and she is funny. All eyes on Belkys when she is in the room.

    Martha I think she is great, but she just does not have the I am funny and will make you laugh personality. I mean she has the all eyes on me cause I am HOT and I know it look.

    I like both Martha and Belkys, but the are totally different.

    Oh and don’t any of you say like apples and rotten pears or something else slick


    Now Joe
    I have spoken on it and it was beyond DEVINE

    Chuckie don’t you start

    The real lady or former lady of Orlando was Wendy Chioji now she would walk over Martha in her sleep with her Teddy on LOL

  5. D – You certainly have spoken on it, and I thank you for it. I’m not sure I’d call it ‘DEVINE’ (play on words there?), but whatever.

    All that said, I’m sort of surprised you like Martha. She’s sort of the opposite of Belkys, no? Granted, I’ve never met Belkys or even been in a room with her, but she’s pretty hard on the eyes in HD. There are most definitely times I absolutely have to tune away.

    You _do_ know that Laurie is the one, right? 😉

  6. Joe,

    Why would you be surprised I like Martha? Stop trying Belkys she is not hard on the eyse maybe your eyes are getting bad. As for Laurie please do not make me laugh I have seen drag queens wear less make up than her. Laurie is boring on screen. I mean everytime I see her I wanna get my paper and markers out so I can draw her a personality on. I mean I find it pathetic that someone like Laurie has to try to be funny are charming when it comes so naturally to BELKYS. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Belkys!!!!!!

    Did anyone see I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta HERE!!!!!! ?

    Sanjaya saying he is not gay.
    Come on Sanjaya give it a rest

    I mean you couldn’t fool a blind woman much less America.

    However I do like the purse swinger Sanjaya LOL

    I also like the show and Janice on the show

    the walking trainwreck Pharmacy that she is


  7. D – If I had to guess, I’d say that Martha’s more like Laurie than Belkys. Just wondering about that.

    Now, about makeup, Laurie’s is professional and Belkys’ is high school. But maybe that’s what Belkys is going for. I’ll give you that Belkys is a joker, but I’m not watching the news for that. Belkys was perfect on Deco Drive – no clue why they took her off there and stuck her on the news desk…

    Celebrity Get Me Outa Here is the absolute bottom of the barrel. Right now I can’t think of a worse show, except maybe Cheaters or something along those lines. I can’t believe it’s even on network TV.

    D – sometime we have to get admin and/or Alex to post side-by-side HD screen caps of Belkys and Laurie, then have them do a poll which one looks better. What do you say – you up for that?

  8. Sure Belkys would win hands down.

    Unless you Cheat?

    Laurie = Boring and no personality

    Did anyone see the 4pm news?

    With Lynn Martinez telling us all she know sizes and those were no dd’s.
    I was rolling on the ground.

    You better work Lynn

    I still wanna see Lynn and Belkys anchor a newscast.

    Please take the night off Craig and Charles.

    I mean Lynn and Belkys would be a hillarious duo that would have us laughing thru the entire newscast.

  9. D – You’ve come full circle to the original Deco Drive – Lynn and Belkys. Now let’s just leave the news to professionals like Laurie. 😉

    Speaking of Deco Drive, Louie needs to retire – he’s way too old to be doing that schtick. Same with Shireen since she’s all grown up now.

    • I agree. Just have Ellie Rodriguez do the show (once she gets back from maternity leave? I think she’s expecting??) Anyway, also maybe get either Kristin or Amber from SouthFlorida.com once that show goes away (which it will, it will)

  10. Joe,

    Please Louie is sexy and fits right in with Lynn on DECO.

    Laurie LOL what a joke I would rather According to Jim than Laurie Jennings and NOBODY watches that horrible show.

    I would rather pick my nose then watch

    Ms Make suitcas try to be warm and funny and care

    stop putting South Florida to sleep PLEASE
    DO us all a Favor and go raise your wonderfuly gorgeous twin boys and let anyone NEKI or Kristi take over

  11. D – Now you’re getting crazy, Mami. 🙂 Neki jumped the shark a long time ago, and Kristi should just stay home and be Mom.

    I’m right there with you on Jim. Totally horrible – almost as bad as Celebrity Get Me Outta Here.

    Laurie, Shannon, Julia, and Erika are all tops. Belkys is like the girl at the party who everyone got bored with after a few jokes, then they left her behind when they went to a club. LOL!

  12. LOL


    Don’t talk about Belkys or Lynn those are my GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS !!!

    You should know I am always crazy and in RARE form on here. I mean I am even worse in person. ALL EYES ON MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!

    As for Laurie she reminds me of those to LOSERS from the Hills. I mean I do not even know there names they are such NOBODYS. Laurie is a NEVER WAS been. I mean no matter how hard she tries no one laughs with her or finds her amusing. Laurie is like the ant at a picnic that ruin it. Laurie is like the fly bothering you till you squash it with the fly swatter.

    I just flattened
    Laurie and her Make up bag


  13. My question is, why would anyone even watch Ch 7 News ? They have dumbed it up more then I thought anyone could ever do. Lynn will soon have as many face lifts as Joan Rivers. I turn on the Sunday sports show to watch Steve and Drew. If I’m home at 4, I might turn on 7 for about 2-3 mins just to see the headlines , then I turn the channel. I haven’t watched Deco Drive in many years. Is the aging gay guy and the phony female still doing it?

  14. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the the minorities seem to like ch 7 “dumbed up” news. I wish I could tell you why, but it seems they like the flashy graphics. When Sally (no more dildos) Fitz left ch7 she really never got much of a job after that. Beklys and Lynn would do just as well, thats why they will be there until they get fired or retire. Years ago I met someone on vacation who was in the TV News business. The first thing he said to me is “what the hell is ch 7 doing presenting the news”?. He said he traveled all over the country and never saw a circus like they have at ch7. I just smiled and shook my head. Btw… Belkys or Lynn wouldnt be qualified to shine Laurie Jenning’s shoes ! Not unless someone dumbed it up enough for them to understand how to do it !

  15. Right on Mitch! Sally (Ms. Flashlight) and Rick Sanchez were the beginning of the dumbing down of 7, and I always tell myfriends 7 is your news if you are illiterate in 2 languages. Not that there are not some worthe saving–Christine Cruz, Luanne Sorel, Steve Shapiro, Reed Cowan–but the front-liners are uniformly poor.

  16. It all started when Sally Fitz was dating the stations owner “Ansin” many years ago. He would have consultants come in and the first thing he would say was “You don’t touch Sally”….So they worked around her. I knew people who worked there and when a new employee started the first thing they told that person “don’t talk to Rick, Sally or the Hylers, Jay or his wife Jessica)” . I personally knew Wayne Chandler ( former weatherman know for his carnations in his lapel). Wayne was in a terrible car accident while on a dinner break. Wayne was in his dad’s VW Bug when an uninsured drunk driver hit him and almost killed him. Wayne was in ICU for quite a while. When Wayne finally got up on his feet again (he had to walk with a cane)Ansin wouldnt even talk to him about any type of job. Wayne told me “I’d sweep the floors just to be working there again”. Wayne knew because of his injuries he could never be in front of the TV cameras again. But once again Ansin showed what a cold hearted S.O.B. is he was. Last I heard years ago , Wayne was working with his wife who was a real estate agent.

  17. BTW…..The story about Sally having a dildo stuck up her ass was 100% true! Ansin said any employee heard talking about it would be fired on the spot. I even spoke to a nurse who was there when Sally came in with the stuck dildo up her ass. I believe it was Baptist Hospital ( my memory is not so good anymore). If I was Sally to avoid the embarassement, I would have just ate alot of beans and wait for mother nature to take its course. NASA would then have another object to track as it circled earth.

  18. But from the way Sally used to vibrate on camera while delivering the news, you would think the thing would have shook loose on its own. Right?

  19. I remember when Ralph Renick died, I tuned in ch 7 to hear what they had to say, just in time to hear Sally Fitz says these words “I worked on the same assignments as Ralph and he was quite good” . Thats like the Edsel saying to the Lexus “your pretty good car”. I just shook my head.

  20. Is there any truth to the rumor that Belkys thought that “Oral Roberts” was a gay porn star? Or was that just Louie having one of his dreams again?

  21. Hey Mitch If you DOn’t Like 7 DO us all a FAVOR switch the channel. I mean last time I looked NOBODY FORCED you to Watch them you MORON.


  22. Laurie Jenning’s is a over qualified BORING MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I would not watch her if I was paid to

    Lynn keep doing whatever you want to your face it’s yours.

    I can imagine how Mitch Looks a 80 year old
    Old BAG getting out of a sports car


    Who cares if he is Gay, Bi or Straight.
    As for aging


    Mitch my sweetheart we all age. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Cause if you had u would be laughing at what you see staring back at you.

    ONCE AGAIN STOP WATCHING 7News for 1 or 2 minutes if you don’t like the people on there.

    We sure as hell wont miss you

    I fall asleep and when I see Laurie Jennings PORES begging for AIR.
    Even though I like CHarles Perez if Laurie is on I will PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    on by

    Get the point

    Purse Swinger MITCH

  23. A Dildo in her REAR END


    Now you are getting Silly and Nasty

    I think the reason you are bringing this up is because you wish it was in yours.


  24. Chuckie,

    Stick with Local 10 and keep falling asleep as Laurie tries to be funny, charming and REAL.

    As for 7 news being for dumb people that is your views and is not true

    No more true than local 10 is for OLD BAGS who love to fall asleep and learn from laurie jennings how to put to much make up on

    • Diego, your taste is certainly not in your mouth. Channel 7 fans estupida, simple enough! Now back off, punk. Your corner needs its beggar back.

  25. Diego…..In order for you to shut your uneducated mouth we will need to meet in the gym sometime…….But I forgot, your all talk…..Keep talking, it seems thats all you can do.

  26. Diego, unlike you, i have two degrees , one in journalism, the other in Radio-TV Broadcast Technology. But, I forgot….you watch ch 7…..I proved my point…..oops,another late breaking news alert on ch 7…..pay attention Diego….lol

  27. Diego….Didn’t your Doctor tell you that you don’t need to study for your “rectal exam”? Oops….I forgot Diego, you flunked it the last time…lol

  28. Its funny, Laurie Jennings left ch 7( I guess she thought the station was a joke too )……Then came back to ch 10 for alot more money.

  29. Diego, what main anchor has left ch 7 other then Laurie has left for a better job? Nope ch 7 anchors never seem to get better offers….lol

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