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DTV Transition: WTVJ Keeps the Nightlight On


The “Analog Nightlight Program” was conjured up by the FCC at the last minute in 2008 a day before Christmas to help those still lost and ignorant viewers not aware about this digital television transition thing-a-majig. Stations in each market are allowed to keep a barebones analog signal for up to 20 days showing a video that should, in theory, make those 1.7-2+million get their suddenly broke TVs unbroked.

For Miami/Ft Lauderdale WTVJ and WPBT will be keeping the nightlight on. WTVJ until June 26 2009, and WPBT until July 12 2009.

In Palm Beach WPBF will keep the light on for the full 30 day allowance until July 12th 2009.

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