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SFLTV Forums: When did the decline at WTVJ start?


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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that there has been a severe decline in quality at what was once was the envy to all TV stations around the country. I remember speaking to a long-time WTVJ tipster, who said that when they first joined the station, they had this excitement because she was joining ‘the famous WTVJ – the first in Miami!’ When did NBC6 become the laughingstock of the nation? When did WTVJ stop being “South Florida’s News Leader?” When did the famous WTVJ become a station NBC Universal is dying to drop?

How the hell did this happen?

A lot of people have different opinions of when this astounding decline began – what’s your take?

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  1. Im too lazy right now to go to the forums (will later) but they started going down hill when they got rid of Jennifer Valloppi.

  2. The demise is simple:

    1. Move to Mirimar put them and their reporters 25 minutes behind every other station.
    2. Anchor shuffling led to lack of continuity (Jackie and Tony, Jackie and Demarco, Jackie and Julia, Jackie and Joel, Jackie and Michael Williams) they never allowed their main anchor to call her own shots and forced her to pair with too many in too short a time.
    3. Weather. A “Chief Meterolgist” on a team of three is like a Chief toll collector in lane #5
    4. Poor lead ins to the six O’clock news ( I know Ellen G is getting a little bigger share now) but the lead ins previously were deplorable
    5. Occular aerobics as we watch the newscast go from control room, to set, over to weather desk, back to set, to stand up podium for sports,…do we really need to see the green screen, cables, and wires, and Julia’s Zephyrhills bottle as the camera dances around and behind the desk?

    • The cables, the wires…even Julia’s Zephyrhills bottle is not the result of a spontaneous disregard of orderly newsroom protocol, but rather, of trying to connect with viewers at a more personal level, e.g. we are here, working hard for you…our newsroom looks like this because we are working so hard to bring you the news that we have no time to tiddy the place up…most networks are now doing it…it’s a relatively new format (2007) started on the West Coast (I’m not so sure though) that has increased viewer calls and feedback.


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