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SoMiami, New NBCMiami Feature Lets You Share ‘Moments’


Last evening we received an email to preview a new NBCMiami.com feature being tested called SoMiami.

According to the email, SoMiami lets anyone post pictures and comments of  “… your local experiences and participate in rich conversations with other locals about what’s happening in and around your city”.

At first look it has a very twitter-ish vibe to it. You type in a box with a 550 character limit and hit post. The comments show up in a twitter (or blog)-like stream with the difference being that anyone can vote them up and down similar to Digg, ha!

Users can pick from three categories, or as they are called, ‘moments’ – check it, confess and what the?. Anyone reading the ‘moments’ can also comment on them similar to a blog post.

SoMiami is still being tested but hopefully the comments so far are not indicative of its future as they are quite inane.

Eating pasta makes me sleepy…very sleepy.

Went to a seafood restaurant and uh… ordered the chicken


I guess one way to describe SoMiami is a very closed type of micro-blogging service. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a service but rather a feature since it is exclusive only to NBC[YourCity] web sites only.

Would anyone care or notice SoMiami? What is the advantage to using this as opposed to using Twitter and #hashtags with Twitter search? I don’t see anything to it besides another way for NBC to get the page views up and get more ad displays. And probably yet another playground for spammers.



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