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Team 7News Storms Twitter


update 10:40pm pst: to clear something up, WSVN is keeping Facebook. Twitter will be used more for on-air talent to stay in touch with viewers directly

On Wednesday word came down from atop the ‘Sunbeam’ that the WSVN troops must join twitter, en mass. Everyone! As in everyone down to the newscast producers (unless they suddenly decided to join the fray)

Not sure what prompted the sudden orders but Wednesday and Thursday 7Newsies have been creating accounts and figuring out this twitter thing. @luannesorrell tweeted someone that

the station is doing a big push on twitter so we’re suppose to get everyone to follow us this site not facebook ne more

and answering another question she adds:

@blopez426 we are all getting new accounts as a way to correspond with our viewers

The main WSVN Twitter account now also relays tweets by 7Newsers.

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  1. WOW! How stupid! Forcing them to tweet!

    The Facebook for WSVN is one of the main things I love about them. I get constant news updates from them and I found out about Mj’s death from their FB status…

    I hope they dont stop Facebooking

    • B, they won’t. They’re just using this more as a communication tool for the viewers. Luanne Sorrell told me, as mentioned above, it’s to talk to the viewers, and to tease their stories also. Practically, the entire 7 team is on there! It’s exciting. 😀 lol

  2. I don’t tweet but doubt this will work. Many TV people have trouble speaking & even more have trouble writing. Imagine when “suppose” vs “supposed” in your 1st example becomes the least of the problems. The station & talent will be embarrassed in print (vs a fleeting moment on-air), at least in front of those who know better.

  3. yeah I dont know whats up with the frenzy of tweeting either but by the way she tweeted that to my little brother when he asked her about her facebook page! Shout out to T. Robinson!


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