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That is “SO” NBC6


Our friends over at the Miami New Times recently published a great article about the new NBCMiami.com, in which they talked about the new “SO Miami” feature. In that article, they have a great screen capture of what they feel the true reason for “SO Miami” is. Photo after the jump.

Photo Via: NBCMiami.com and Miami New Times
Photo Via: NBCMiami.com and Miami New Times

“The other new main feature is called “So Miami,” which lets users “confess” to their Miami moments. Right now, that means it lets anonymous NBC6 workers confess how they think Jeremy Piven is a total douchebag. Guess the Piv-meister didn’t impress the staff when he stopped by South Florida Today to promote his new movie, The Goods.”

LIKE, O-M-G, that is SO NBC6. Now I wonder who posted that…….

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  1. I think what’s rude is asking an actor to “get into character”… He is there for the interview, not his character… Besides, the last time he “got into character” was months ago, when filming.. Leave it to the traffic girl to come up with a great interview plan.. BTW: ever heard of “burnt bridges”?

  2. I agree, asking someone to “get into character” would be rude, but how do you know it wasn’t Piven (or his promoters) idea? He is well known as Ari from Entourage, so if he is promoting his new movie, it would make good marketing sense to get into character.


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