Home graphics TODAY Show Gets New Graphics Package and New Program Campaign

TODAY Show Gets New Graphics Package and New Program Campaign

Photo Via: Today Show
Photo Via: Today Show

This Tuesday, NBC’s 4-hour long morning show, TODAY, recently upgraded to a brand spankin’ new graphics package. ‘NBC Artwork’ kept quiet (and busy) developing the new and fresh. There was no leak or speculation of a new look (from what we can  find).

In addition to the new look, TODAY has also started a new campaign, titled “Your Day is TODAY.” They released the new promo to help kick off the campaign. The apparent mission of this campaign is to celebrate the relationship between the TODAY show, and the TODAY show viewer, according to Bill Hartnet, who is the Senior Vice President of NBC Agency: East Coast. Get it? We’re all one big happy family.

View the new “Your Day is TODAY” promo, photos, and new open after the jump.

Source: TODAY Show Video Player
Source: TODAY Show Video Player
Source: TODAY Video Player
Source: TODAY Video Player

New TODAY Logo
New TODAY Logo

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      • Actually this is the first time that I looked at the site since yesterday.

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  1. I’m digging the new graphics… but I think the double-bar effect makes some of the text a little small. I think it’s also a little curious that they didn’t do anything graphics-wise on the far right or far left (for HD sceens) as they had done before.

  2. I like it, Today is a top notch production. The new campaign comercial seems more fitting on MTV but it’s still a good one.

  3. I have followed this blog for years and this is my 2nd post…

    I could not agree with Alex more…the constant negative comments by GBMiami87 are beyond annoying. If you do not have anything constructive to bring, then either read the posts and move on OR dont read the posts at all.

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    • Why complain if you never participate in the comments? As for your 2nd post here, you had nothing constructive to say either. You’re just complaining about me. At least my initial comment was constructive since it was based on my thoughts.

  4. Interesting graphics package we have here; this, and especially the updated logo, should keep the program up-to-date for a while. Thank God they didn’t go the way of MSNBC with that God-awful web browser-like crap at the top of the screen.

  5. I really like the graphics package, too.
    It’s funny because I don’t usually watch the Today show but had it on Tuesday morning, noticed the new graphics, and the first thing I did was come to SFLTV to look for a post about it.

  6. IMO, they look better than the previous graphics. If I could grade the new Today Show graphics, I’d probably give them an A.


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