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WPBF Gains While WPEC Loses in May 2009 Sweeps


Someone used our anonymous file sending feature and sent us WPBF’s press release announcing the station’s ratings increase for May sweeps and WPEC’s rather big losses

Here is the gist of it. All data is household ratings, no demo.

– Idol got beat by Dancing with the Stars in the Palm Beach market. 16.1 vs 17.0 in household ratings

– WPEC had huge drop in the afternoons compared with May 2008 sweeps.

From 5 to 5:30pm WPEC is -42%, the station had a 5.7 rating in May 2008 to 3.3 in May 2009. In that time period WPBF was up 38%, the station went from a 2.6 rating in May 08 to 3.6 in May 09

From 5:30pm to 6pm WPEC is -52%, going from a rating of 6.9 in May 08 to 3.3 ratings points in May 09. WPBF was up 46% going from a 2.6 rating in May 08 to 3.8 in May 09

In the 6 to 6:30pm WPEC are -51% in household audience going from an 8.1 rating in May 2008 to rating of 4.0 in May 2009. WPBF rating for same time slot went up from 3.9 to 4.3 points or 10% increase from May 2008.

The press release had no information on the 11pm newscasts

1 ratings point in West Palm Beach DMA equals 7,800 households.

Hit the jump to see household numbers.

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In terms of household numbers compared with May 2008:

WPEC lost 800 at 4pm, 18,300 at 5pm, 27,700 at 5:30pm and 30,000 at 6pm.

WPBF was up 2,100 at 4pm, 8,600 at 5pm, 9,600 at 5:30pm and 3,300 at 6pm

WPTV data is scant but the station gained 3,800 households at 5pm, 3,900 5:30pm and 3,300 at 6pmĀ  compared with 2008, but lost 9,100 households from 4pm to 4:30pm timeslot.

WPTV hurt in prime time though. 45,300 households vs 57,900 from WPBF and 57,400 from WPEC.

At noon WPBF’s ratings were up going from 14,300 households in May 08 to 22,100 in May 09.


  1. Interesting considering that WPBF doesent look that great. It’s good tho, WPBF deserves time to finally shine. I just wish WPTV was not in the spotlight still. If I remember right, there was brief point last year where for the first time ever in Palm Beach that WPTV fell into 2nd place.

    When you look at WPTV compared to WPEC and WPBF, WPTV looks awful, they dont even have a real set. They have had the same thing since 2001 (much like WTVJ) and it looks like in August of last year they had started to tear it apart, ran out of money, and now slapped it back together.

    Maybe this ratings gain for WPBF will be an incentive for Hearst to give WPBF the HD upgrade. I believe WPBF is largest Hearst station to have not had it yet. From what I have see, they are ready and even have a new set and logo in the works, but rumor is Hearst put a freeze on it.

  2. with wpbf rating gain now they need to step up there talent they need better anchors and more reporters i think the main anchors tiffany kenney and jon shainman need to be replace they are ok but not main anchors.they also need to take off weather first on every news cast and show more news. now wpbf might can get better programs like oparah

    • I dont think they would screw with the formula too much. I think Tiffany and Jon are great. Remember, this ratings hike comes about a month after WPBF had moved its main anchors to Sunday through Thursday. The only thing they should do that would only help ratings is HD. I will say tho, by adding the HD curtains, it has made the news bearable to watch on an HDTV


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