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WPLG Anchor Neki Mohan Takes Paycut; John Henry Smith Out; Sunday Show Nixed?


The buzz around the newsrooms this week is that Neki Mohan has allegedly accepted a new contract with WPLG with as much as 50% salary reduction.

John Henry Smith though, and we don’t know why, was apparently let go from WPLG. We’re the station also canceled the Sunday sports show he hosted.

As recently as a few weeks ago I came across John Henry Smith’s demo tape posted on Medialine.com

If my calculations are accurate this year some of the on-air talent at different stations have their contracts coming up for renewal including possibly those out clauses which allow the station, and the employee, to opt not to continue the contract to its full term.

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  1. Thats ridiculous that Mohan took that much of a cut. I mean she is a good anchor. I would have walked with my make up case.


  2. John Henry was good sad to see him go. I liked there sunday night show 2nd behind 7’s. Who Will Wplg get as the 2nd sports guy?

  3. John Henry talked more with his hands than Tony Soprano. Enough gesturing. Neki was adequate at best, but again, Jen Herrera and Kristi Krueger still have jobs? This town needs an enema…

  4. It’s all about money…but I doubt it was a 50% cut for Neki. Why cut the sports show? I always thought that show did well in ratings and made money. Guess I was wrong because money was probably the reason for cutting that also.

  5. WPLG also bumped reporter Constance Jones down to the weekend 4am shift on Saturday/Sundays. Does PLG not like black people?

  6. John Henry Smith was annoying and horrible to watch. WPLG’s other sports guy is good and I think can handle the sunday sports show well.

    Neki Mohan has a great on air personality and is just a great newswoman, the 50% cut seems too much but good to see she will stay.

  7. Chuck,

    Don’t try Kristi Krueger. Kristi should still be the lead anchor on LOCAL 10. I think she is excellent and a class act. I only watch local 10 in the mornings for her and Scott. Laurie Jennings and 10lb bag of make up. I think its time local 0 sent Calvin packin. He is a trainwreck and shouldn’t even be allowed to anchor a high school news show .

    • Sorry Diego, but Laurie Jennings runs circles around Belkys Nerey. Now that I see her in HD, Belkys is one godawful train wreck (what’s up with the goth eye shadow and lashes?!?). Damn, she is fugly!

  8. John Henry Smith still listed on the WPLG web site and they ran is recorded update on the morning news today. Wonder if they have found someone new as it will be tough for Will Manso as the only sports reporter.

  9. Joe,
    Please Speak on it.
    Belkys is the lady in South FLorida.

    Laurie Jennings is a never was been and never will be. As for make up she has more make up on her face than anybody I have ever seen. I mean she is either has really bad skin or just doesn’t know when to say ENOUGH. Laurie is also BORING as hell I mean when I watch her I fall asleep.


    Has a personality and makes me laugh. Ms. Nerey also knows when tolay off the make up.

    I don’t need my sleeping pills when Laurie is on the air. I just turn her on and I am out like a light.

    There is nothing wrong with Nereys make up maybe if you knew anything about make up you could talk.

    • D: Belkys might be the lady for South Beach, but no way for South Florida as a whole. To be honest, she should be back on Deco Drive with Lynn.

      Laurie used to be better than she is now, but I think too much Dwight rubbed off on her. That said, she still delivers the news 1000 times better than Belkys.

      As for makeup, all it takes is a pair of eyes to see – no training involved. Belkys looks like Halloween every night, whereas Laurie looks like a pro every night.

      Can we agree to disagree?

  10. The bottom line is neither one is a real journalists. I would say Laurie coudl possibly cover a story, but Belkys… not journlaism trainign at all. They both have done a good job making a name for themselves.

  11. NBC Producer,

    That is your opinion and you know what they say about those. I hate to see your opinion of a real journalist. Let me guessand say Jackie Nespral. NO, I got it Trina Robinson. No, Tisha Lewis.


  12. “John Henry Smith though, and we don’t know why”. Really? In a market full of “mumbler-stumblers” he was the worst offender. He couldnt get through a segment without messing up or misspeaking. an absolute joke. im amazed he lasted so long. he was no better doing ‘sports banter’ with Dwight or live shots from the stadium.

    plus channel 10 abandoned sports years ago. they went from Chuck Dowdle/Frank Forte/Cefalo/Mandich to this dweeb.

  13. John Henry Smith was still on air on Saturday, and still pitching the Sunday night show.

    Maybe his contract wasn’t renewed, but he hasn’t been let go quite yet….

  14. Neki did not get a 50% paycut. PLG is making cuts before they have to make layoffs. She should be commended for being a class act. She is talented and is versatile in any role and well respected at the station.

    This is a tough time in the industry and having a job is good thing for anybody.

  15. I doubt that was Neki saying that. Anyone who has worked with her knows she’s a class act. I enjoyed the time we worked together and thinks she does a good job at PLG. They could have just fired her if they didn’t like her. Strictly economic.

  16. Predition: Next to go on Local 10 (or JustNews, or JustWeather, or JustInTime, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) will be Terrel Forney.

    Early on last night’s 11pm while doing his report, he stumbled, couldn’t recover, then said “Uh, I lost my train of thought – back to you, Laurie” (paraphrasing). Somewhat dumbfounded, Laurie picked it up and barely recovered.

    Priceless! And after he probably spent a wad fixing his teeth…

  17. Local 10 is a mess these days. Laurie she hould have been ready the pro she is and have recovered. I mean her many years of experience and how great she is. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. I guess she was to busy putting her face together as usual. Belkys Nerey would have quickly recovered with something witty and refreshing. I am just to mad I wasn’t home to see it and laugh out loud.

  18. D: I’m not saying 10’s got it totally together (far from it), but Laurie salvaged what could’ve been a real shipwreck (btw, anyone have video of that report??). Belkys would’ve given one of her “looks”, cackled a bit and said something inane, and Craig would’ve ultimately bailed her out.

    The real issue there was Terrel – he utterly and completely lost it and readily admitted it to the viewers. A big no-no IMO.

  19. Diego, Diego:

    Why don’t you stick to channel 7 (aka tabloid) enjoy Belkys and her charades, and stop criticizing those who are professionals in conveying the news. If I want to see a pretty face I will turn to E! may be you should.

  20. Polar Bear,

    Professional? LoL, Don’t make me laugh with those comments. The only 2 professionals I see at Local 10 are Kristi,Charles, Jacey and Scott.

    SPEAK ON IT !!!!!!!!!


    Belkys you got her right on and thats my girl. Now what would Lynn have done?

    Please SPEAK ON IT !!!!!!

  21. D – I’m speaking on it. Witness:

    Laurie Jennings is one of the best in our market. Shannon Hori is there too. Done.

    Kristi is a bit too much of a “Mom”. Done.

    Charles is ok, but lacks personality. Done.

    Jacey’s getting the short end of the stick. Done.

    Can’t comment on Scott, as I haven’t seen him that much.

    Belkys is a goth trick-or-treater that shouldn’t ever have made it to the anchor seat. Done.

    Lynn used to have a great balance between news and tabloid, but she’s gone way over the edge into the DD pool. BTW, in the Terrel/Laurie situation, Lynn probably would’ve made a snide comment that would’ve made me laugh. Done.

    There. I’ve spoken on it. 😉

  22. Joe,

    Thats just FINE!!!!!!!

    You keep watching Laurie and her 10pound bag of make up. I will defiently not be watchin her. Laurie is a JOKE. I wish someone would give her and her clogged pores a lesson on how to put make up on. Maybe we can get her to a Macys counter or a Drag queen on South Beach. As for Ms. Hori I think she is great. I mean I remember watchin her in Orlando with Wendy Chioji. Now Wendy was defiently on point when it comes to her stuff and being the best bar none. Now if CBS4 would just get rid of that HOt MESSSS Antonio Mora.


    Can be funny and serious when its called for .


    Is the Lady and she is funny as hell.

    Do us all a favor and keep watchin Calvin and Laurie. Oh and please don’t you dare say Calvin Hughes is a pro. I mean if Local 10 is such a great station . NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. They would have never looked twice at that train wreck in motion.

    I will keep watching 7news.

    Like everyone I know does.

    I will also keep watchin NBC6 from time to time when 7news is not on .

  23. Charles
    BTW has a personality.

    I think you got him confused with Laurie I mean can someone DRAW her a personality on. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE

  24. D: If I may…

    Laurie’s one of the best and her makeup is just fine for SD. When 10 goes HD we’ll see what she really looks like.

    Lynn’s lost her credibility, and she’s starting to look like Joan Rivers with all the surgery. A shame.

    I’ll grant you that Belkys is funny, but that’s not what anchoring is about IMO. And she still looks like a goth trick-or-treater. That alone is the deal breaker.

    I generally don’t watch Calvin or anyone else in the morning, as I’m working. And believe me, I never said 10 is “such a great station”. That said, there are definitely some good people on there.

    When I watch 7 news, it’s for the graphics and sound, not news content or personalities. 7’s HD graphics and blow-me-away sound are just killer!

    Finally, I definitely agree with you about Antonio. There’s something about him that’s just annoying. That said, I do like Erika – she’s the perfect balance of straight delivery and improv.

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  27. I don’t usually reply to comments, but from reading most of these comments people definitely have some opinions. I love seeing Neki on Sunday mornings with her cohost. It’s news people. I’m glad to see some personality when reporting good and bad news, that people do on a daily basis. Let’s be kind to each other and show respect to all the news anchors for doing their jobs. It was disappointing not seeing Neki this morning. I’m sure the new lady will do good also.


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