Home departures First on SFLTV: WTVJ’s Paul Deanno Heading to Seattle

First on SFLTV: WTVJ’s Paul Deanno Heading to Seattle


paul_deanno-for-web We are hearing that WTVJ’s chief meteorologist Paul Deanno will be heading to Seattle. He will be the morning meteorologist at KOMO, the ABC affiliate.

Interesting development since recently word got out that KOMO’s current morning meteorologist Jim Castillo may be leaving the station.

The move is actually a homecomming of sort since Deanno is from the area.

SFLTV Exclusive Update: I’ve obtained e-mail he sent out to the station. Read it below.

Subject: Paul Deanno


In one of the last conversations I had with my father, he told me “to be as happy as you can with whatever you’re doing… because you don’t know how much longer you really have”. That’s the kind of chat — and advice — I’ll never forget.

And now it’s time to live it.

In less than a month… Suzanne, Brock & I will be packing up our stuff and moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Specifically, I will begin work as the morning meteorologist for KOMO-TV, the ABC affiliate in Seattle. We’ll be a quick drive over the mountains from Suzanne’s parents… and we’ll be able to re-connect with many friends we haven’t seen since we left the Northwest in 1999. For us, it’ll be a perfect blend of work & out-of-work happiness.

That’s the easy part: The hard part is leaving here. Ardy & Yvette made it very, very tough for me to make this choice — and I am so thankful for that. Equally as important, working with you the past four years also made this decision a huge challenge. Despite NBC6 being for sale, sold, not sold, and for sale again… it’s people like you that make me smile every day when I walk into the building. It’s a great thing when you like what you do; it’s an incredible thing when you like what you do & you are surrounded by amazing co-workers.

I’ll be here in the weather office until mid-May, and I’d love to spend a few minutes chatting with you before I leave (& exchanging contact info). So please stop by whenever you feel like!

Have a great day —



Best of luck, Paul!

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  1. My favorite weather guy, and he’s gone. sucks.
    Hope he enjoys the nice (fake) people and infamous weather in Seattle.

  2. hah fake?!

    I beg to differ, living here a while I find the people multiple times more polite than in South Florida.

    Plus he’s from the area apparently

    • I was born and raised in the small town of Burien just south of Seattle, grew up near 152nd St. People are definitely more polite than in South Florida, but fake certianly applies to that pocket of this country. Anyways it was meant in good fun, just a poke at my old town and best of luck to Paul, he really was/is the best in town.

  3. Last week when this started, I noticed one of the sites Paul was following on Twitter was…KOMO 4 NEWS! He also follows SFLTV, so good luck Paul! You are a first-class talent and you deserve better than what they gave you at TVJ.

  4. With Paul leaving South Florida, and moving to the Pacific Northwest… I wish him well on his move to the KOMO-TV morning news.

    It’ll remain to be seen who’ll become WTVJ’s new chief meteologist.

    Of possible replacements… I could picture WTVJ and NBC looking for an outside replacement, like former WFTS-TV meteorologist Linda Gialanella as 1 of several interesting picks. Unless WTVJ may be leaning toward an in-house favorite, like John Gerard or Trina Robinson. Just some thoughts.

  5. Good Luck PAUL!!!!!!

    However to me it seems like a step back. I mean to go from chief in the 16th biggest market to morning weatherman. I mean what number market are they?

  6. Seattle is a bigger market, but he will be taking a slight pay cut. But happiness and your family is priceless.

  7. Ummm, actually I believe Miami is a bigger market then Seattle. So a downgrade in market size and in position and in pay. I didn’t realize that WTVJ is for sale again though. Maybe that’s why he left.

    • South Florida is unusual in that it is one of the only Urban Areas in the country, split into 2 television markets. Had that never happened, it would likely be market 5.

      • Also, each station, atleast in the Miami area, also has the potential to reach market 5 like viewing #s when you count viewers in Palm Beach County.

  8. Paul
    What I like about you the most is your non-sensasionalistic approach to the news giving, especially during a hurricane. You always portrayed calmness in the way you dealt with emergencies.

    You will be missed big time.

    God bless you and your family !!!


  9. Sorry to hear you are leaving, Paul. It has been a pleasure watching you on the tube, but you are heading to a lovely part of the country and you will be close to your family. A much better place than So. Fl. I wish you and your family well.


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