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Former WPTV General Manager Bill Brooks Dies


Former WPTV General Manager Bill Brooks has died (1933-2010).  He was manager of WPTV from 1981 until 1998.  Responsible for the never ending efforts to strive to be #1,  he created, what most of us in South Florida can agree, is one of the most successful NBC affiliates in the country (unlike some).   He was also responsible for WPTVs move from its Flagler Drive location, to its state of the art facility on Banyan Blvd in downtown West Palm Beach.  Bill died while on a cruise with his wife.

Jim Sackett made a nice report about Bill Brooks that you can see on WPTVs website.

After the jump is a video about Bill that WPTV made some years back!

RIP Bill!


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  2. RIP Billy Bud Boy Brooks. It was the one and only time I worked for a GM that I was proud of, respected and truly missed when I left. What an incredible man. He will be greatly missed.


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