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WTVJ’s New Weather Set…?


Last week, NBC6 debuted what appeared to be a somewhat new weather set.  It is unclear as to whether this is a temporary set, or a permanent outdoor set. Calling it their “Weather Patio,” the new set is located outside the NBC6 studios under the columns; with a green screen displaying the weather graphics, shaped like a plasma TV, with palm trees in the background, and the NBC6 Hurricane Hummer off to the left. We will relay further information to you. TIPS?: Click Here.

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  1. It’s a freaking joke. They are trying anything to improve the ratings. Why don’t you try getting rid of Jackie???????? This is like rearranging the seats on the Titanic, we all know the outcome !

  2. I like 6, but this is an awful idea, especially at night when you can’t see anything. Maybe if the plasma were bigger (a la the Today show) it would make sense but you can hardly see the maps and graphics.

    It would also help if the studio was near anything that was pleasing to the eye — I-75 in Miramar doesn’t cut it (the downtown Miami studio at the AA Arena would have been great for this though).

    WTH were they thinking?

  3. It is the most silly set up ever. Do they really think this will make the weather segment of any additional interest?

  4. At least they’re getting some use out of that Hummer… it’s not like they can afford to actually DRIVE it anywhere.

  5. Actually, I’m a fan of the weather patio. I think it’s kooky, and weird, a genuinely strange idea, but one of those things that could be remembered fondly.

    Anyway, rock on, weather patio!


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