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Just in: WSVN Selects Julie Durda Replacement

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Tipsters tell SFLTV that WSVN management minutes ago announced to staffers Vivian Gonzalez is officially named the new weekday morning meteorologist for ‘Today in Florida’. She replaces Julie Durda who left in October after 5 years at WSVN.

A Miami native and a graduate of Florida International University, Vivian Gonzalez started at WSVN in 2005 behind the scenes as a weather producer for Phil Ferro and WSVN weather segments. In 2007 she was promoted to weekend morning weather anchor for the Saturday edition of ‘Today in Florida’. In August 2009, Gonzalez received her certificate and officially became a meteorologist.

In addition to her American Meteorological Seal of Approval, Vivian Gonzalez holds a Bachelors of Science in Geosciences degree from Mississippi State and a  Bachelor of Arts in Geography from FIU.

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    • She looked soooooooooooooo hot this morning in that black dress!!!without a doubt the best ass among weather reporters……

  1. VIV!!!! So proud of you! A big fat public congrats to you and to WSVN for a WONDERFUL decision. I love when hard work and loyalty are honored with a well deserved promotion! GOOD GOOD MOVE WSVN!!! A nice person gets a nice nod. Keep up the great work plexers. I miss many of you!
    Reed Cowan

  2. congrats to her, she stuck it out on the bench and now is a starter…solid presenter that will do well, durda is a fading memory and hopefully all the drama, it wasnt worth it

  3. YAY! Much better to see Viv 5 mornings instead of 1 (and sometimes I miss the Saturday AM newscast). 🙂 Now, we’ll see who her replacement will be on Saturday mornings (unless WSVN will go the cheap route and have Brent Cameron do double duty indefinitely…)

  4. Knowing you for some many years (since you were born)
    it is a satisfaction to see all your sacrifices now been rewarded
    you deserve this and more, congratulations!
    Julita & Ana Maria

  5. Viian has a butter-face. We need to hire real Americana! Not some local fruit vendor looking weather girl!

    • vivian is a hot piece of ass!!!! way better than julie duh duh…the best ass on the air….way to go wsvn!!!!

  6. I always thought Julie Durda was great to look at but Vivian has more going for her all around.
    Kep up the great work I watch you every morning.

  7. Hi Viv, Happy New Year.
    U never have to tell me how how hot it will be outside. U’ve been burning up my flat screen since Oct… in HD.
    U are hot and sexy muah (wink)

  8. … and one more thing Viv. Turning 100% sideways to the camera is not against television… just to let u know (wink)

    • the only thingbetter than watching vivian every morning would be for her to wake up in my bed each morning…one hot mama..again the best ass on tv!!!!!

  9. great to see vivian on the weekend news this week. loved the way she filed out those hot dresses..i’ll say it again the best ass on tv…..go vivian. julie who???????????

    • That was a rare treat, as I have been moving this past week and have been missing the weekday morning newscasts. But when is WSVN going to get a new Saturday morning weather babe? (and hopefully a “babe”, don’t want another Jonathan Novack-Tom Johnston situation!) Either they are working Brent Cameron double duty on Saturday, or Viv is to do overtime on weekends. Get that 4th weatherperson in!!


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