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WSVN Goes Live From Beirut With Kevin Ozebek

WSVN 7News
Kevin Ozebek Photo: WSVN.com

WSVN reporter Kevin Ozebek has been vacationing in Lebanon the past few days but earlier today a huge car bomb went off in Beirut, about 5 miles away from where Kevin was staying according . And as WSVN goes, all news is local news when one of their own is near the story.

Ozebek went live via phone during 7NEWS at Noon to report on the bombing aftermath after visiting the scene of the incident and gave a first-hand account of damage to the area.


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  1. Lebanon and, especially Beirut are very cosmopolitan travel destinations. Europeans vacation there all the time. It just seems foreign to us Americans because it seems so strange and, based on history, dangerous. He actually chose an interesting place to visit and it was good timing for him to report from there.


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