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WSVN reporter LuAnne Sorrell Moves to WOFL


Update: Jeff Lenox has taken over the anchor spot on Saturday edition of Today in Florida /hat tip @ItSoooSoFlo/

LuAnne Sorrell Photo: WSVN.com

WSVN reporter and weekend morning anchor LuAnne Sorrell is leaving for WOFL, the FOX affiliate in Orlando, to be that station’s morning anchor. Sorrell joined WSVN in 2005 from KLAS Las Vegas as a ‘Today in Florida’ reporter and most recently anchored the Saturday edition of that newscast. No idea who’s replacing her yet, but if we had to bet it’s going to be a boy and will be either Kevin Ozebek, Alex DiPrato  or Jeff Lennox. Or Eugene Ramirez, he’s got experience anchoring too.

Make your bets in the comments

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  1. I will miss Luanne but I wish her the best. She is a great anchor and reporter. However, if she is being replaced I think I would like to see Kevin Ozebek.

  2. wow sure going to miss the beautiful LuAnne….I would love to see Liz Nagy get the job but ..we still have Vivian…….good luck Luanne.

  3. Are you serious?..she has a horrible sing-song tracking voice. All her stories sound the same..no writting creativity at all. Negative aside..she is a looker..

    • Truth…i assume you are talking about Liz Nagy….she has the perfect profile to replace Luanne….female,a looker and flat chested….just look at Alexis Rivera….yes she’s hot but no body….Luanne was the exception.she actually had something under her blouse…and she was hot to look at…

    • Liz has a fantastic tracking voice, and she’s the most relentless, hard-working reporter out there. But apparently that’s not what you’re looking for in your news.

  4. Glad to hear Jeff Lennox has been promoted to anchor the Saturday morning edition of Today in Florida. This is a well deserved promotion. He actually should have been selected for the weekday edition, instead of Alexis Rivera, but at least he’s now behind the anchor desk. Congratulations to Jeff!!!

    BTW…Kevin Ozebek would have been another great choice. Jeff and Kevin are both great additions to the WSVN team.

  5. Luanne is hard working and totally deserved Richard Lemus Morning Spot.
    I can Understand why she is Leaving.
    So many have left Channel 7,of late.
    Good for her.Best Wishes to her.

  6. WOW!!! I’m seriously bummed out to hear the most beautiful news anchor there ever was is now leaving the only news station I ever watch. Guess I will have to find a way to tune into WOFL on a regular basis as LuAnne was the main reason I tuned into WSVN daily was to watch her. I will seriously miss her gorgeous smile, beautiful looks and appearance and overall perfect personality, not to mention her near flawless anchor capabilities. Very talented woman, naturally! What a blow to the WSVN team…what now, Julie leaving next too? You know, it really sucked to see Richard leave, but not LuAnne 🙁 …she is a staple to and for South Florida. I’m going to miss you LuAnne 🙁 I WISH ALL THE BEST. You deserve it.

    • IINM, Julie Durda is signed through 2013, so she’ll be around for awhile. It is a shame to lose Luanne, though 🙁


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