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OMG! WPBF Adds Meteorologist Justin Mosely to Team

WPBF News 25

justin.moselyMeteorologist Justin Mosely is joining WPBF News 25 according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune. He comes to WPBF from SNN Local News, a 24-hour cable news channel up in Sarasota where he has been since 2004, and also its chief meteorologist. The move is a homecoming for Mosely who’s from the Palm Beach area and interned at WPBF in 1999 when he was just 16 years old.

Justin Mosely is also famous. Youtube famous! He’s the meteorologist everyone saw about 6 years ago freaking out over a cockroach which tried twice to do the weather with him. His first appearance on WPBF will be next Thursday.

Fumigate the WPBF studios!

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  1. Afraid of a cockroach? In hurricane alley? Are you for real? Yeah, that’s the guy I want telling me how to prepare for a landfalling hurricane. I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t make this stuff up.

  2. He was a much younger guy when he did that, and let me tell you, hes a hell of a weatherman. He takes pride in his job, and loves the art of weather. I urge you to just have an open mind. He has come a long way…

  3. We got to know and appreciate Justin here is Sarasota. We miss seeing him on our local weather and special evenys he emceed. All the best to that young man, we wish him well. I hope Palm Beach gets to know and appreciate his work and dedication.

  4. I look forward to Justin’s reporting the weather on Saturday mornings. I wish he were on more during the week. I find him personable in his presentation of the weather and extremely accurate.”


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