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Alexis Rivera No Longer With WSVN


WSVN morning anchor Alexis Rivera is no longer with WSVN, SFLTV just learned. Rivera, who joined 7News in 2011 as reporter, got promoted to Today In Florida co-anchor when Richard Lemus left in February 2012. Details are a bit foggy, she either did not have her contract renewed or management decided to take advantage of the opt out clause in Rivera’s contract. The clause is in effect once every two years, and allows either the talent or the TV station to end the contract for any reason without penalty.  Also management may have offered Alexis Rivera the opportunity to go back to her reporting job but she allegedly declined.

Come Monday, Danielle Knox will be joining Christine Cruz and Diana Diaz at the desk.

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  1. wow shocker never really thought she was anything special…..too bad why does nicole linsalata ever get a shot…she would be the older classy one…..just saying

  2. Wow…I didn’t see this coming! Too bad they did not select Jeff Lennox for the AM morning anchor position…again! They need some male presence on that show.

    Good luck to Alexis!

    • Not sure what is going on at WSVN. Monday-Thursday Danielle Knox anchor Today in Florida with Christine Cruz and Diana Diaz. She kept saying she was in for Alexis Rivera. Well…it’s Friday and Alexis is back at the anchor desk with Christine and Diana. Maybe this was all a misunderstanding and Alexis is not leaving…or she is back to complete her contract. Confused?

      • Ok it’s official. Alexis is leaving. Diana just announced that today is Alexis’ last day at WSVN. I’m not happy about the addition of Danielle Knox to the Today in Florida team.

  3. There is obviously more here than meets the eye because they all jelled so well together as their superior sweeps ratings show. I hope they didn’t put Knox in there in the name of diversity because that kind of thinking is what sunk channel 10 into being a cellar dweller. Since Knox has already exited Miami twice my bet is her hitting the bricks within a year. Why in the hell would they screw with the chemistry when they are on top?

    • Ratings? I haven’t seen them but maybe they’ve changed. Someone told me viewers really like Jawan/Pam so they could be gaining? Would be interesting to see numbers for sure.

      My source is outside WSVN, close enough to the morning anchors but not enough to get more deets sadly, but allegedly the three morning ladies and others at WSVN thought Danielle Knox wasn’t being brought in to report and anchor the weekend dead zone but to replace someone on the morning show. Makes sense though, South Florida knows her already and it gives them some diversity

    • You’re reading more into this, wsvn 7 is about fitness hotties doing the local news & weather. Nothing more.

  4. I loved Alexis — she was even just nominated for the Miami New Times best anchor this year.

    I was thinking the same, did they switch her just to add diversity? Because I can think of NO other reason. Unless of course something happened behind the scenes or a competitor is catching up in ratings or something.

    I do not enjoy Danielle. Ever since I saw her on 7 I felt like she was a mismatch and she is just dry and speaks too deep. Alexis was very personable and jelled great.

    Good luck Alexis, sorry to see you go!

  5. Good luck Alexis. You’ll land on your feet wherever your next move may be.

    I agree, Nicole has paid her dues. Instead of giving newbee Danielle a shot, let her pay her 7News dues and give Nicole what is long overdue. Danielle is doesn’t have the charisma (so far) to be an anchor. Put her out in the trenches and work her way up. I know one thing for certain, if Danielle is on, I’m turning it off. I already stopped watching Saturday mornings because I can’t deal with her.

    Jeff won’t get the A.M. anchor desk. He’ll be replacing Blake Burman on weekends after he leaves.

  6. If WSVN pressured her to opt out of her contract by demoting her back to reporter, that is an admittedly rare but very huge screw-up. Diana and Alexis (a/k/a ‘Double-D’ and ‘Goth Girl’)(well, a/k/a by me anyway) were the best twosome they had on their morning show in years. Danielle has always struck me as quite the diva; I bet they hired her with the thought of trying her on Deco–but then realized Lynn would eat her alive in the first five minutes.

  7. Shocker! It will show up in the ratings. Speaking of which. Why won’t this website show the latest sweeps news ratings? They know people that have access to the book so please post them. Why are they being so secretive. Other major markets around the country show them so what gives!

    • cause we almost got someone fired for leaking me the numbers, so now unless someone takes up the initiative I just rather not ask. Stations spend upwards of $50,000 a month and get pissy when the numbers aren’t showing them in a positive light

      • Based on that theory channel 10 must be paying a ton to keep things under wraps. Looks like it is going to take a real insider at Neilson to get the skinny. We all appreciate your efforts.

        • hahah I should send them the bill!

          I tried getting ratings officially but the data wasn’t granular enough and it was very expensive for just on the surface type data that didn’t tell you much. I’m surprised the Sun Sentinel is paying for it

  8. I personally was not that impressed with Alexis but also think they are doing the change for the diversity thing. As far as Nicole getting the gig, maybe she didn’t want to get up at what, 3 AM ?

  9. This morning when the show started and they did their intro, she said ” Danielle Knox, in for Alexis Rivera” so who knows.

    • Interesting. Well, it’s always possible that Alexis is taking some time off and will return for a last hurrah before leaving for good.

  10. Nope, don’t like Danielle Knox. Diaz and Cruz are ok, but Alexis was the glue. Definitely not staying to watch Knox, bad move SVN.

  11. first off the reason myself and many and i mean many men tune in each day is for Diana……….as far as Alexis….no big deal.If not Nicole how about ;Lorena Estrada………i wouldnt mind…..very classy lady

  12. Knox wore a cocktail dress on the air this morning to do the news. Diana Diaz does not seem like her normal cheery relaxed self around Knox. The chemistry that made that news team is missing. They seem resentful for what happened with Alexis. It makes no sense.

  13. maybe she is not gone her profile is still up on their website….agree Diana does not seem as cheerful…….

  14. Someone needs to do their research a little better?? Anyway, glad to see Alexis is not gone and hoping they sign her to a long contract!

    • She is gone. She just signed off the air and said it was for more time with her family. What a shame.
      Knox is not going to be a good fit. She has a bad habit of acting like a diva. Well, as they say “stay tuned”. Ha. Good luck, Alexis. You will be missed.

  15. Previously someone mentioned Nicole Linsalata. She would never fit in as she doesn’t have the requisite “plastic surgery” but she is an extremely competent reporter, lol. If 7’s ratings slip because of Danielle, she will be gone although would probably be difficult to prove if that was the reason.

  16. i liked alexis, as for knox she is a good addition to the team. i would prefer to see knox on a saturday morning and adrianna hopkins with the morning crew as she fits perfectly with them.

  17. I love Alexis I hate to see her go…
    I knew they were going to put Knox in but I wished they put Liz Nagy in or Adrianna.
    I like it staying an all girl team

  18. I worked with Danielle Knox at a station when she was an anchor. She is an intelligent, talented lady. Why don’t you all give her a chance.

  19. someone mentioned nicole would not qualify for the position because she lacks…er,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tits………. lets just say it…….well certainly Danielle Know would not qualify also….she is flat as a board……At least we still have Diana to look at…………

  20. I will no longer be watching 7 news. If they indeed did this for diversity they f***ed-up bad. That kind of thinking is wrong and out-dated. Jobs should be filled to the more qualified not because of your skin color. If that is true WSVN management your a bunch of morons and you make me pissed and sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. That is why long time viewers stopped watching channel 10 news. They replaced so many likable on on air personalities with incompetent minorities all in the name of diversity and their ratings show how big of a mistake it was. With more and more viewers getting their news off the net you would think they would try and be more appealing instead they paid the price for political correctness

  22. Alexis is a class act. She didn’t fit in with the rest of the porn stars looking crew. Silicone and Botox addicted.
    I hope 7 doesn’t blow it again taking out other classy ladies like Linsalata and Nagy. They deserved the spot.

    • a lot of hate and prejudice going on here. The above comments are correct, Danielle Knox does not fit with the morning crew, We have three ladies, Danielle Knox, Diana Diaz, Christine Cruz, three titles, Professional, Ditzy, porn star
      There is two titles remaining ladies please choose your titles

  23. Wow all this negativity about Danielle Knox! Sounds like someone is upset about being replaced. #TeamDanielle #byeAlexis

  24. Danielle Knox is off mornings and I’m back to watching SVN for 2 hours each morning! The show flows so much better with Ashley! Good move guys!

  25. It’s official You can catch Danielle Knox in the evenings. Ashley will take Danielle spot. And I think you can catch Liz Nagy on Saturday mornings now as the new anchor

  26. I enjoy watching Danielle she clear precise and very easy on the eyes it’s time for that change every was starting to look alike and I wasn’t that impressed with Alexis. Give Danielle some credit she shows she didn just get the job for diversity purposes let’s give credit where it’s due.


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