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Christina-Vazquez-jpg--1-WPLG is getting in on the help-a-viewer wagon with a new segment named ‘Call Christina’. The new feature, similar to WSVN’s Help Me Howard, would be headlined by Local 10 reporter, and Miami native, Christina Vazquez with local attorney Aldo Leiva giving the legal advice to viewers who seek help with a problem.

Local 10 has raised Vazquez’ profile ever since she joined the station in 2011, giving her several high-profile assignments. Like being one of only a handful of reporters with a court room seat at the George Zimmerman trial. And recently even sending her as far away as Singapore to report on a Malaysian company which plans to bring the way it does business to South Florida. She has also won several awards throughout her career for her investigative features.

In regard to the similarities of ‘Call Christina’ with WSVN’s Help Me Howard segment, that shouldn’t be very surprising. SFLTV already reported that Emily Barr, President of WPLG’s former parent company, wanted Channel 10 to be more like 7, and of course 10’s general manager used to work at WSVN.  But the new segment also harkens back to the days when WPLG called itself “Your Problem Solvers Station”.

Call Christina is set to air Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm.

Check out the promo.

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  1. No matter how many times WPLG 10 will try to copy WSVN 7… they still wouldn’t win in the ratings.

    I wish WPLG 10 can leave WSVN 7 alone and stop copying them. That’s why I hate watching WPLG 10. I would only watch them on weekend mornings and on weekend evenings when WSVN 7 is unavailable. If WPLG 10 is on at the same time as WSVN 7’s, I would be watching WSVN 7, all day every day.

  2. They had to do something to stem the tide of long term viewers leaving in droves due to recent hire of incompetent reporters which is reflected in their dismal sweeps ratings. She is a pretty sharp reporter but only the scope of the problems she tackles and the duration of her segment will determine its success or failure. They can’t afford to have another bomb over there. Intelligent and

  3. Sorta Like “Shame on You” from several decades ago? They all ripped me off. Good for them. Viewers need more advocacy outta Local Newsrooms doing more than just bogus “Breaking News”. Will be interesting to see how many sponsors they do stories on, how many car dealers and other well-connected businesses they go after. I suspect local Management may need some serious re-educating for this to get off the ground. Local News Directors at those stations have a load on their plates to do deal with…when reporters have solid scams against advertisers and Management won’t let them cover it. Been there, done that.

  4. Speaking of copy cats…WTVJ is desperate enough to borrow from WPLG not only “dirty dining” segments but the promotion of their early morning man to lead anchor for the same should-be-irrelevant reason.

    But I say let the cannibalization continue. Four stations in the 16th largest market in the nation and none of them could locate even a few minutes of actual news to squeeze in between the fluff if it hit them right in their faces.

      • Didn’t think about the ‘en Espanol’ stations as they are so rarely discussed here. But then the total would be 8 including America TeVe. (Which I mention simply because no discussion of which female anchor has the best “assets” is complete without Yossie Galindo).

  5. No disrespect to Christina, she’s a great person and reporter. However, what’s the old saying?

    “Always imitated but never duplicated”

    No matter how hard they try, THEY WILL NEVER BE A WSVN / 7!

    • It’s simple. WSVN would never have terrible field reporters like Torres and Acosta on their staff. 7 has higher
      standards than 10 and are very polished. However, Christina is going to go along way in the industry.

  6. I dont understand. How do you copy someone and expect to win? Do something new, unique and exciting. Then maybe I’ll watch. (Honestly, I don’t watch local TV news at all anymore. zero, zip, nada. I find what I need to on line.)

  7. Features coming soon to local 10:

    Bite with Betty (not to be confused with Bite with Belkys)

    Carlos on the Case (not to be confused with Carmel on the Case)

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