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4 goes undercover, catches intimidating police officers


Bag this as another Emmy for 4, “Police Station Intimidation” in two parts. They sent someone to local police departments wired with cameras and mics wanting to get a form and file a complaint about a cop. First video, cops wants to know what happened, undercover 4 person refuses to say keeps asking for a form to fill out. The cops gets pissed off and starts asking for his name, address and ID. This is going to be huge.

Watch part 1 and 2

I have to wonder, is 4 in for some tough time with the cops after this aired. The day after the racial profiling test, Mike Kirsch and crew were surrounded by cops claiming someone complained Kirsch and the others were harassing them, except there was no one nearby that could have complained!

Those unmarked news vechicles will come in handy right about now.

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  1. remember what happened to local 10 after weinser did the piece on cops parking illegally at the courthouse? the p.b.a. attacked them and miami dade police hate them

  2. ROCK ON 4!!! Great Piece, we need more investigations like this because it happens all too often

    this DEF should get an emmy

  3. Great story, and there are definately some asshole cops. “Cause I’m a nice guy” was my favorite line though.

  4. Okay, it was an interesting piece…but nowhere near “Emmy” status. I wanted to know more about the group doing the “sting” FOR channel 4…and then the “by the way, we also have a case of racial profiling we uncovered.” I did like watching Jenne squirm though!!!

    The piece was WAYYYY too long. I mean, how many times do I have to see a guy walk in and ask for a complaint sheet? Get more into that, why these departments don’t offer the form…what are the percentages of complaints against officers? Give me more meat on that bone.

  5. I enjoyed watching it, but was shocked. It definatley changed my opinion of cops, but there were a lot of jump cuts during the piece, which makes me be uspicious as to what transpired that CBS 4 didnt show us.

  6. Did anyone even realize that CBS 4 didn’t shoot most of that video? They took video shot by an organization that is out to nab cops. I agree that these cops were not good – but how ethical is it for a television station to take video as part of an investigation that wasn’t shot by them? I wonder what we didn’t see? It is also illegal in the State of Florida to record people without them knowin about it. I am sure CBS will get sued big time. But, think about this…CBS took vode from someone else and how do we know that CBS got all the video. How do we know that this organization investigatied these tings in an ethical way? I think there are some issues with CBS taking credit for this piece.

  7. I just watched part 2. The racial profiling should have been a separate piece. It was just thrown into the other story.

    Also, it also seemed like Timoney’s comments were taken out of context when presented to Parker and Jenne.

  8. Milk Dude,

    CBS4 did the investigation in cooperation with another organization. If you noticed when the police where harassing them looking into the driver’s side window and threatening to ticket for improper backing, we are hearing Mike Kirsch’s voice.

    No, it is not illegal in the state of Florida to record people without them knowing it. There are some lines that can be crossed about when you can and cannot record audio.

    Yes, CBS4 will likely be sued. But aren’t you glad they are willing to take that risk to expose this problem? There are some journalists and some stations that are still about more than money and winning, and one of them is right here in this market.

    Way to go CBS4.
    (No I do not work there).

  9. While I don’t doubt the racial profiling and intimidation by police officers, I thought the execution of this investigation was poor to awful.

    To rehash a few others’ comments… Timoney’s sound bites were glaringly out of context. It appeared as though he was given a cursory explanation of the story and asked to comment. In a story like this, the only fair reaction would be after the subject viewed the tape.

    I would also seriously question using this organization’s video. It’s tantamount to the video news releases for which the mainstream media has taken so much flak.

    What no one has pointed out yet is that, while the officers’ comments in many cases were out of line, the “guinea pig” seeking these documents was NOT believable by any stretch of the imagination, no matter the color of his skin. His behavior while requesting these documents from desk sergeants would arouse suspicion in any good police officer, particularly at the hours of the night at which he seemed to be entering these departments. Again, there’s no excuse for some of the officers’ behavior in some of these cases. However, this “target” had no good responses for any of the officers’ questions.

    While I have no doubt this type of behavior goes on, I think this piece was a better demonstration that “12 minutes a thorough investigation does not make…” and is another example that a local TV news investigation cannot do the sampling and depth that a topic such as this requires. The “depth” represented by a trip to every South Florida police department should not fool you… especially when a 3rd party organization with a particular agenda did the work.

  10. I have mixed feelings about it. The story clearly had a slant, as TV investigations tend to do. However, it gives me hope about the business that a station would devote such a large amount of time to an investigation that has some merit. If you have a complaint about an officer, depending on the nature, would you feel comfortable expressing that complaint with one of his peers? Some bits of it were overblown, but I like that the guy from the group didn’t lie. He didn’t make up some story about why he needed a complaint form, he simply asked for a form. As for the group, I think their agenda is clear. I have no problem with using the group, but I might have used an intern or a producer, rather than a third party. I’d give this investigation a B-.

  11. obviously, they feel there is some sort of loophole. I guarantee you their lawyers thoroughly reviewed that story before it went to air.

  12. i agree with murrow. from the moment i saw that, i knew the lawyers had to have reviewed it. something so risky as taping law enforcement WITHOUT their consent, HAS to have gone through SOME sort of legal review before air.

  13. At most stations,legal reviews almost every sweeps story if it has even a hint of anything that could be questionable in it. This one got reviewed big time. And keep in mind, even if they approve it, it just means they think they have a chance to win because of the public good and that they did things by the book, etc. Also, because the third party did the taping, CBS4 is likely absolved from being sued for the illegal recording of audio, which is only permitted in extremely rare cases–if allowed at all–in Florida.

    As for using an intern to do this? No way. In this case the only person you can use is one of your own employees whom you pay a salary and hold insurance on. No question. Cause if something went wrong, wait for the intern or their family to sue saying they were pressured or wanted to do it because it was such a great opportunity but never knew it could possibly go wrong.

    And a final note, all it takes to sue is a pen and a piece of paper. It doesn’t mean you’ll win, but you can sue for absolutely anything.

  14. Was watching CBS 2 News in LA and Wed. at 11 they are going to air a similar report that CBS 4 News did on police station intimidation.

  15. There are some bad apples out there and it seems like they out way the good ones! The good ones I know say they just want to get out!


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